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Mar 27, 2007 06:50 AM

Sides with tamales?

I feel like serving tamales for dinner tonight. I have some homemade beef ones in my freezer. What can I serve on the side?

I have some white rice that I made. Can I add some stuff to turn this into a more Mexican-style rice?

Would salad go?


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  1. 're-fried' beans
    sliced avocado, a slice of lime on the side
    crema, if you like
    (personally, I wouldn't use the rice as it's another starch, additional to the masa in the tamales)

    1. i make a "deconstructed guac" salad, which is just faster than regular guacamole. I slice tomatoes and avocados, layer them, and sprinkle with cilantro and kosher salt. i sometimes drizzle it with olive oil or lime juice if i have it around. you could easily put it on fresh mixed greens, too.

      1. I heartily recommend Cilantro Rice posted by our own Robert Lauriston on this is a truly delicious rice recipe, perfect as a Mexican side dish IF you love cilantro and it's a vibrant green color on your plate also:

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          I would do a salad with oranges and jicama.

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            mmm jicama!
            good call with that!

        2. Yellow squash is good with tamales, as are peppers. In fact, you could probably saute the two with some onion and garnish with cilantro for a nice side dish.

          1. How about a quick pickle (cabbage, carrots, etc.) and some green salad for alongside the tamals, and a tortilla soup alongside? (One made with chicken stock and a bit of tomato and spicy pepper, with some quesillo, avocado, and cilantro added at the very end upon serving)
            A black bean soup, though perhaps less traditional, would also be nice :)
            If you happen to have some jarred cactus on hand, that can also make a quick salad--either rinsed very well and cut up with tomatoes and a jalapeno or two (even a little crumbled white salty cheese), or else sauteed briefly with some onion and tomato and seasoned with salt, pepper, etc. to your liking