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Mar 27, 2007 06:22 AM

Taro Sushi. Believe the hype.

Finally ate there on Sat evening. It is on Dean Street, off of Flatbush Ave.

Split a sushi platter for two (16 pieces of sushi, two spicy tuna hand rolls and one shrimp tempura roll) and also ordered a scallion and yellowtail roll, one miso soup and a king crab california roll. We also got an extra spicy tuna hand roll. No drinks. Just green tea and water with lemon. The bill came out to 50 dollars. Incredible.

Excellent, fresh sushi. I will be back as soon as I can. It was very impressive.

Went for dessert at the Chocolate Room a few blocks down and we split one of their brownie sundaes and got mint ice cream on it. One specialty coffee and one plain coffee. The bill came to 13 dollars.

Fantastic meal. I recommend anyone in the area try the same!

Between Taro Sushi and Lucali's, I have found two places within walking distance of my apartment that are not expensive and amazing.

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  1. love taro. fresh tasty sushi (and all the other stuff repeated in these threads) but i find their pricing to be a little random, they dont always follow the prices that are on the menu (several times charging a buck more than what is stated on the menu). and then when i went there for takeout there was a takeout surcharge - is that normal? when i compare the taste and cost with other comparable places it is a great find ..but i am still a bit sour about the pricing bc I'm a student.

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    1. re: BoerumHill

      never had this surcharge...did you ask about it?

      i was blown away by the omakase i had with the owner/chef a few months ago but opted for it again a few weeks back with the same chef and it was missing several items and not nearly as good.

      the sushi for two is the way to go...with buttered scallop sushi pieces. the new chef there has been serving fish fresher than ever before.

      1. re: sam1

        I too have never encountered this surcharge. The omakase is sublime. There's always at least one new piece in the order I've never tried every time I go.

      2. re: BoerumHill

        i did not ask because it was the first time i ordered takeout (usually i get delivery). I will ask about it in the future. maybe they are used to more expensive orders. i usually order under $20 worth of food.

      3. ok, i guess it's time to revisit taro.

        i got delivery from there about a year ago and was very disappointed. granted, delivery isn't the best way to judge sushi, but everything we got was very fishy and just seemed very much not fresh.

        but considering all the raves and positive reviews, i guess its time to give it another shot.

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        1. re: Get In My Belly

          When I go back, I am going to try an entree of shrimp tempura too. Tempura is one of my favorites and this one was spicy/sweet/fried/crunchy. The way it should be!

          Go for dinner around 6:45 - 7 on a weekend. No wait for a table. People were waiting by the time we were finishing up our last round of green tea.

          1. re: abby11201

            yes- and their "taro lunch box" special can't be beat. They make some of the best eel i've tasted outside of Japan.

            1. re: abby11201

              The sushi lunch special is $8--the best sushi deal I've ever seen. Five nice pieces -- salmon, tuna, shrimp, yellowtail(?) and something else, plus a California roll. I don't like California rolls, so they gave me spicy tuna.

              Sound and salad also included.


            2. Decided to give it a try this evening. OMG! I had the deluxe sashimi. I have NEVER tasted fish so fresh, so velvet-y. I must have driven by this place 1000 times, never noticing it due to its hole-in-the-wall appearance. Don't be fooled; this place delivers the goods.

              1. Our third visit to Taro, again a fantastic meal, I now believe that Taro is one of the top sushi places in the city, including Manhattan. The price for this very special and impressive selection of fish was, however, comparable to Manhattan, but the value was solid. Serious sashimi lovers really need to try Taro. Here is what we had and the price, you try it and see what you think. Everything was impeccably fresh and top of the line, presented and seasoned perfectly. One detail that would be really nice would be fresh wasabi, a minor point.

                Sashimi omakase $40
                Monkfish liver with ponzu (perfect)
                squid with leg (extremely good squid)
                chopped toro topped with Russian caviar
                salmon topped with salmon roe
                bluefin toro (thin, large slices, unusual and excellent)
                bigeye toro (very beefy flavor)
                uni from Maine (super fresh, brinier, a bit more of an oyster-like flavor than the Cali stuff)
                unagi on cucumber
                striped bass
                sweet shrimp with fried head
                horse mackerel, seared
                Spanish mackerel, with ginger/scallions
                I think one more white fish, i can't remember what--I think this was everything on the first plate.

                Supplemental omakase plate $15
                shucho or some name similar? a meaty, flavorful, somewhat chunky white fish.
                fluke wrapped around cucumber--very buttery-flavored fluke
                baby hamachi wrapped around scallop--wonderful play of flavor and texture

                Then we got extra sashimi of the Maine uni...this was another $10, not unreasonable for what we got, but not really necessary.

                We drank Kagiya sake, $15 for a 10oz bottle, vrey reasonable for how good this sake is.

                Add it up, it's a Manhattan-priced meal, but I haven't had sashimi this good since Yasuda (which is completely different since the focus is on nigiri there).
                I have had sushi omakase at Taro and spent a lot less for quality that was often as good as Yasuda and certainly cost less. The $40 sashimi omakase at Hasaki gets you 4 pieces of sashimi (admittedly good but no better than Taro). $30 sashimi omakase at Taka is a good deal but isn't as impressive as Taro. Higher end places in Manhattan would very likely charge a lot more than Taro for this selection. And this was on a Wednesday--the special delivery from Japan comes in Thursday...

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                1. re: kenito799

                  I'm willing to give them another try based on your post here, it sounds like you had a great meal. But after our visit a couple of weeks ago, I just wasn't impressed. We went on a Saturday night. Average selection, decent enough quality, but hardly anything to get bubbly about, let alone pronouncing it one of the best in the city. Probably best in Brooklyn I would surmise. Most of the other patrons there were eating Americanized rolls. We overheard one such table where a woman proudly said that she had spent a lot of time in Vancouver, the city with the highest concentration of Asian people in North America, so she knows good sushi. I suppose you don't have to leave Manhattan to hear this kind of knuckleheaded comment, but it didn't do my Japanese dining partner's perception of Outer Borough Japanese food image any good.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    Yes, when you sit at the bar and order omakase, they know you are not such a patron. Try it out, especially on a Friday when they should have some nice stuff from Tokyo, and let us know what you think.

                    1. re: kenito799

                      Had yet another stunning meal at Taro yesterday. Sushi omakase ($30) at the bar. I've eaten here many times and the omakase has been uniformly great. This time the sushi was insanely fresh - the kind where you kind of moan out load in joy while you're eating. Embarrassing but true. Especially good - sardine, horse mackerel and really fresh briney uni.

                      Kenito - I agree that the monkfish liver can be perfect here!

                      I haven't been having good luck with delivery from Taro though - too long and very bland. I usually order the Sushi for Two for delivery and it's just not worth it. Especially when it's such a pleasure to eat at the sushi bar.