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Mar 27, 2007 06:08 AM

The Best Jar Gefilte Fish

Need to get really good gefilta fish in jars

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  1. 1) Rokeach - tasted it for the first time last year. It came in a big can. Really delicious. I loved it.
    2) Manishewitz - just plain "gefilte fish" tastes better than the more expensive varieties that specify the fish.
    Note: avoid those jarred horse radishes and make your own - super simple with a food processor - just add vinegar, salt, and canned pickled beets. SO much better than what you'd buy in a jar.

    1. Understand that I ate jarred filtees growing up and when i was a young jfood the only choice was jelly or broth. now we have a vritual buffet of choices. As the filtee maven in the family, i do the buying. The linear program over the years has been as follows:

      1 - No MSG. Believe it or not this knocks out a tremendous number of competitors. I was amazed how many brands and types within brands have this ingredient. Won;t do it.
      2 - I like sweet. So the next is to look for that 5-letter word on the jar.
      3 - Bite sized - No way. What is this a Bar Mitzvah. I want a big piece, at least one or two, on my plate.

      So in the end I wind up with Mrs Adlers sweet recipe.

      Good luck and Happy Passover.

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        Mrs. Adler's sweet recipe was my favorite for the many years I lived on the East Coast, but alas, it does not seem to be available in Los Angeles, where I currently live. I have not found a suitable replacement, and eventually stopped buying gefilte fish altogether. I'll have to check if the sweet variety of Yehudah is available in L.A.

      2. There is a new brand out there - Yehudah Gefilte Fish imported from Israel is my favorite now - I think better than all the others particulaly their sweet variety - I like tastes contrast to the horseradish - Mrs Adler's is my second choice -

        Also you might try posting this to the Kosher board of CH - you might get some other options -

        1. erica marcus from newsday ranks the gefilte fish:

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