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Mar 27, 2007 06:03 AM


I'll be in Boston next month celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. Thinking of having dinner at Avila. Just curious what fellow CHers think of this place - or if you guys have any other recommendations.
Many thanks :)

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  1. IMO it's indistingishable from any of the sudden slew of upscale contemporary Med/Italian places (Copia, Sasso etc). and not much different from its sibling Davio's either: food is lusty at best, good but unmemorable at worst, overpriced in any case. I did really like the halloumi pan-fried with ouzo.

    1. I prefer Avila to its more-popular sibling Davio's. Entrees at both run to luxury-grade fish, steaks and chops; Davio's treats these more like a high-end steakhouse, while Avila gets a little more arty with them (example: potato-wrapped monkfish loin in duck broth). Apps and pastas at Davio's are slightly creative Italian; at Avila, they are decidedly pan-European, specifically hewing to the regions hugging the Mediterranean, with Portuguese influences especially evident, e.g., a papparadelle with chourico and shrimps cooked in vinho verde. (The layout of the two places is strikingly similar.)

      In general, I find it too expensive for what it is. I do recommend it as a place to sit at the bar and graze on small plates, which I think are the kitchen's most interesting dishes. Some I have enjoyed include the sardines (big fresh monsters), fried duck egg with mushrooms, sautéed chicken livers, halloumi with dates, and baby octopus.

      So I guess it depends on what your boyfriend likes, but I think you could do worse and better than Avila for a birthday celebration.

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        Thanks MC. Any other thoughts on something close to the Jury's?

        Have also considered going to No 9 Park.

        1. re: amanda3571

          I'm guessing you mean "walking distance" when you say "close to Jurys". Places I've been recently that are within a ten-minute walk that I can recommend: Sorellina (kind of overpriced, but great atmosphere, strong service, good cocktails, very solid high-end creative Italian); Douzo (jazzy modern Japanese with very good sushi); Via Matta (loud, casual-chic, creative Italian); Pigalle (intimate creative French, not too fussy but luxurious); Troquet (kind of fancy bistro French with fantastic wines); Pops (a new South End place with a very solid Eclectic menu in a very pretty space, a tremendous value); Aquitaine (handsome not-too-traditional bistro French).

      2. Amanda,

        Try something else. I would never put this on my list of my tries. In fact, it would be on my list to avoid. The food varies from good to bad and it is very over priced.

        In the area other good options are: Pigalle, No 9 Park, Troquet, and Via Matta.

        1. Any more recent takes on Avila? I live in the building so I feel I ought to try it, but I have a hard time getting excited based on all that I've read.

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            I like sitting at the bar with the friendly bartenders. Food is a little pricy. The burger with truffle fries is very good (around 10 or 11 bucks, I think), as are the Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls that they imported from Davio's. I once splurged on a veal porterhouse that was excellent, but it must have been like $45. Good selection of premium tequilas, which I've taken to sipping lately.