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Mar 27, 2007 05:17 AM

Where to get a wedding cake?

Close family friend is getting married later this year, and we have been charged with getting the cake.

I have had Patisserie Poupon cakes in the past, and while the cake/buttercream icings have been terrific, it is irritating how the bakery covers their cakes with the sugar gum/fondant.

I went to two weddings in Annapolis, both which had cakes from an unknown Annapolis bakery and which were, I thought, phenomenal. They were the classic decorated wedding cake with only buttercream icing and no fondant. Any ideas as to what bakery this may have been?

How is Charm City Cakes? Having seen the show a few times the cakes look fun and while I'm sure Duff et al can do a traditional wedding cake as well, I get the distinct impression that the attraction is the creative design and not the actual cake itself, which for the most part look to be your basic vanilla or chocolate cake. I quickly searched their website and the list of flavors was long and off-putting. Ginger flavored cake? Green Tea flavored cake? Does the tiramisu refer to just the flavor of tiramisu or is the cake actually one large tiramisu?

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  1. I'm not going to bash Duff on his cakes.... they are creative and artistic. I say purchase a $10 a slice cake from him if you want a work of art and not a culinary treat.

    1. Patisserie Poupon can do a wedding cake with buttercream. My personal favorite is the fraisier with a marzipan exterior

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        I've never tasted a cake from Charm City, but I have friends who have and they say the cakes look good, but don't taste as good.. The best cakes I've had, and this place has been around for years, is Fisher's in Old Ellicott City

        Fisher's Bakery
        8143 Main St
        Ellicott City, MD 21043
        (410) 461-9275

        Hope this helps

      2. We insisted that our cake was buttercream and it came as part of package for our reception. The thing with fondant is that it wont melt, so you should check if it will be displayed outside. Here is a list of bakers from Washingtonian Magazine.

        1. I got a cake from Charm City cakes for my mom's 60th birthday bash and it was lovely and fun, and all three of the layers were quite yummy, as were all the little sample nibbles we got to help us decide on the flavors.

          1. Well, Charm City Cakes is really nice if you have $550+ to spare. Their cakes START at $550. Before his Food Network show, they started at $175. I think the other suggestions will serve you well!