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Mar 27, 2007 01:06 AM

quick bite before THE meal (Napa)

Heading up next weekend for French Laundry (woo hoo!), but i know eating at least one meal beforehand is mandatory for my body to prepare. what to do? where to go?

i will be with three others already, and will probably be the only one with hunger pangs around lunchtime. where should I nosh at?

for example, i saw the little bar menu at Domaine Chandon and drooled over their sandwiches. i'm not exceptionally picky - at least - i don't think so.

thanks for taking the time.

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  1. The key is to keep it light. Also what time is your reservation?

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    1. I was at Domaine Chandon last weekend and they do have a nice light bar menu. They have a few sandwiches and some cheese platters. Everything that I saw looked good. You order the food at the tasting bar and then you can sit outside on their beautiful patio and they will bring it to you. A very pleasant experience especially when accompanied by some sparkling wine.

      1. I would do the tomato soup in Bistro Jeanty, that's all.

        1. Best bet might be to just get a sandwich or something relatively light at Oakville Grocer. You could get a few things to just snack on through out the afternoon.