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Mar 26, 2007 11:11 PM

SEA - Best Waterfront Seafood Happy Hour

Which seafood/steakhouse is your favorite to go for happy hour near the waterfront?

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  1. The Ivars on Northlake (under I-5) has really good prices and it's in a fun location with lots to see if you sit on the deck when it's sunny. You can definitely find better food, but it isn't bad.

    1. Elliott's on the Waterfront. They have an oyster happy hour, too.

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      1. re: Seattle Rose

        Service can be pretty rude at Elliot's. I prefer Zig Zag, tho they don't open until 5. If you're looking for someplace mellow (read:empty) try the Highway 99 Blues Club.

        1. re: Waldo Rojas

          I love Zig Zag but it's no seafood/steakhouse (which is what the original poster was looking for).

      2. The Waterfront Grill at Pier 70 has a great happy hour and a huge patio that is right over the water. It does get pretty crowded during the summer though. Their raspberry sorbet martini--YUM! Like it sounds, totally a chic drink.

        Also Daniels Broiler on Lake Union does a happy hour. 1/2 price menu including a terrific steak sandwich and herb crusted lamb chops. I believe it's all indoors though.

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        1. re: ethereal

          Agreed...Waterfront has great food and a view that's hard to beat.

          Love the steak strips, steak sandwich, and oysters on the half shell at Daniel's - all on the happy hour menu. They do have an outdoor area, but it's pretty small. Get there early and enjoy!