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Mar 26, 2007 10:27 PM

Beloit, WI - Hansen's Tavern - CLOSED

Hansen's was always a reliable source for decent hamburgers in Beloit. Unfortunately, the folks are getting too old for all the work (local word has) and the place is closed and up for sale. Café Bel-Wah is probably your best bet for in town dining at present.

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  1. Good news for you Hanson's lovers--it opening again in April 2007!

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      Thanks, Toldenburg! New ownership?

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        hooray! this is truly good news. I've spent a lot of Saturday afternoons enjoying a burger & onion rings at Hanson's.

      2. This used to be a classic burger and fish joint in Beloit, but some friends and I attempted to eat there on 07/29/2010 and found it to be THE WORST BAR FOOD we've ever experienced. Two out of six dinners were sent back, and another couple should have been. What they did to my tuna steak should be a crime--ending up in a can of Wal-Mart cat found would have been a far more noble end for that poor fish!

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          If you want a great burger from a locally-owned restaurant in the Beloit, WI, area--go to The Rock at Maple & 4th St by the Henry Ave bridge. This place consistently turns out excellent burgers (and great food all around) at reasonable prices with excellent service. I've had many meals there and not one bad experience.

          While it's sad to me that they had to adopt the too-common "sports bar" theme inside (but it probably draws in people for games that otherwise might not be there), but you can sit outside if the weather permits and enjoy the views of the river! And DON'T feed the matter how cute they might be!!!

          Sorry, but Hanson's--the one everyone remembers for it's great "samitches"--is DEAD (they current management should not even be allowed to use the name!) and gone. Long live THE ROCK!

          The Rock On the River
          101 Maple Ave, Beloit, WI 53511