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Mar 26, 2007 08:45 PM

Real Coffee Corp.


Anyone familiar with this new Long Island coffee roaster in Farmingdale? I received several bags of their coffee as a gift. We have so few legitimate microroasters on LI (Aldo's in Greenport, and North Winds In Port Washington are all I am aware of) that I am happy to see another spring into existence. Their website is pretty primitive, which really doesn't mean much. So far I have only opened up their Columbian which is not bad (but I have been drinking Sacred Grounds coffee from California, so my palate is spoiled.) Any info or comments would be welcome.

  1. Peter-
    Could you write about your experiences, if any, with the couple of roasters you mentioned in your post? I have been getting my coffee shipped here from California, with the occasional emergency coffee from the Fairway in Plainview, which isn't bad (they roast some at the store and get some from Gillies Coffee in Brooklyn). I didn't know the places you mentioned existed.
    And if anyone has information about the roaster Peter mentioned, at least one other Hound is very curious as well!
    Thanks in advance.

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      Well, I can tell you Aldo's of Greenport is worth the two hour drive to the North Fork. He's right on Front Street directly across from the Post Office. Last I heard, Aldo was ill, and i hope he's better. Fantastic coffee roaster, and he also sells some nice home made biscotti and scones. Very intense guy, not particularly friendly, but his coffee is the real thing. The man knows how to roast a bean. Usually a dark roast, but he nails it . The overtones his coffee has are great; nutty, heavenly.
      North Winds in Port Washington, NY is a small coffee bar across upper Main street from the movie theater in Port Washington. It has erratic hours, and only started doing his own roasting last year. Not as great as Aldo's, but good. And fresh. And a nice coffee bar, with plenty of cool magazines. I believe that both Aldo's and North Winds ship. I think Aldo's may have a website. I know Aldo's biscotti are sold throughout the metropolitan area.

      1. re: petergreen

        Actually Armond (owner of Northwinds) has been roasting on the premises since at least 2000, when I first became aware of them; he only recently starting selling it by mail.

    2. I've been going to Real weekly since late February. It's run by 2 guys - Stewart and Mitchel - with long backgrounds in the coffee business. Mitchel roasts on site, in small batches. I've been drinking his 'Knee Buckling Espresso" steadily and have tried about 3 single origins and one blend. Mitch roasts on the dark side, which is fine but sometimes I like more of a city or city+ for a change. When I kvetched to him recently he backed off the roast on a batch of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for me (custom roasted!) and it's great. Definitely stop by and say that Andy sent you, but note the address, it's in an unmarked industrial building that's easy to miss, they don't have a sign out.

      1. Roaster only, or cafe also? I roast my own, so I'm all set for my personal supply, but I like to find new cafes where I can sit with my laptop and an Americano.

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          Roaster. I'd hoped they were a cafe too. But they're always kind enough to pull a shot for me while we gab. If anyone's interested they're willing to set up a cupping evening.