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Mar 26, 2007 08:43 PM

Thaitown Street Festival, Sunday 4/1

Just noticed this is scheduled for this coming Sunday on Hollywood Blvd (isn't Songkran usually later in the month?). Anyway, if others have attended in prior years, are the food offerings any good? Or, is it better advised to just duck into one of the many restaurants to eat?

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  1. Yes, there were posters for it at the Wat Thai L.A. and all over some of the businesses around the N. Hollywood Bangluck Mkt. yesterday. I have not been so I can't comment on the festival chow.

    Songkran festival at the Wat is Saturday 14 - Sunday 15, April 2007. See ya there!!!

    1. Stick with the Songkran fest in April - celebrate the Thai New Year at Wat Thai. I was a vendor once in this street fair this weekend. The vendors mostly consist of medical companies, visa and immigration resources, religious groups, work resources, etc. (I was a medical vendor). :)KQ

      1. I went last year and had fun, though Kitchen Queen is right, it's a mix of food and non-food. I had some amazing sweet sticky rice with mango though that was worth waiting in line for.