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Mar 26, 2007 07:58 PM

Good, reasonably priced lunch Downcity Providence?

OK, I've only been working in downtown Providence (across from the Mall) for a few months, and I'm already sick of everywhere, finding the places either mediocre, or overpriced, or both. I've been to Cuban Revolution (pretty good sandwiches, slow service, overpriced), Tacqueria Pacifico (liked this OK, but thought my burritto was very garlicky--I need to try again), everywhere in the Mall food court (ugh), the Arcade (didn't like the pizza there, and didn't think anything else looked good--is it?), Jimmy Joe's sandwiches (or whatever it's called, not bad but a glorified Subway), Eddie and Sons Diner (just OK, and not cheap), and finally 3 Steeple St., where I had the best burger I've had in a long time, but it's not fast or cheap.

So, is there anywhere in walking distance where I can get a decent slice of pizza? Any good Indian food? There must be more, please tell me what I'm missing!


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  1. Sounds like you're looking for quick, cheap ethnic downtown, and that really doesn't exist right now...

    Did you try New Japan for Japanese? It's on Washington. Otherwise, for ethnic, you'll need to go a little farther. MuMu Chinese on Federal Hill, Bombay Club (Indian) on Federal Hill, Parakang Thai on South Main...

    Downtown is just crying out for more ethnic, you're right...

    - Garris
    Providence, RI

    1. Well if you were willing to drive a couple miles there is awesome pizza slices at Antonio's pizza on Thayer Street (near Brown University). They make the most creative and tasty slices. As far as great Indian goes, Not Just Snakes on the west end of Hope Street is excellent. I realize though that you want to walk to somewhere for lunch, but just thought I would throw this out there incase you get desperate.

      Also, don't give up on AS220, have had some really good food on my visits.

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      1. re: Jenkins

        Not Just....Snakes!? heh, I know what you meant.

        I really like Parkside, but it's not a realistic everyday work lunch place----worth checking out, though. La Greque in the Arcade is good for a gyro. Agree on Antonio's (although if I'm schlepping myself there and parking, I always get something from Gordito instead). I'll have to ask my husband----there's a sandwich place that he really likes, possibly on W-minster.

        1. re: Moonpie1

          Doh! Snacks not Snakes of course. See, as far as Gordito goes, I much prefer Taqueria Pacifica at AS220. To each their own, of course...

      2. i actually think johannson's in the arcarde is pretty good. and for about 6 bucks you get a sandwich, side, drink, and a brownie!

        i work downtown as well (across from the arcade) and am not very satisfied with the lunch options either- so i usually just bring leftovers...!

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        1. re: tomatosoup

          Can you tell me what the Arcade is... isAS220 the same thing?

          1. re: harryharry

            the arcade is a shopping "mall" with entrances on weybosset street and westminster, next door to the turkshead building. it is actually the oldest mall in the country. anyway, it has some kitschy shops on the second floor, but the first floor is a food court with a deli, cookie place, greek food, chinese, hot dogs. most of the places aren't very good though.

        2. If you just want a sandwich or a bowl of soup, try the Corporate Cafe (in the Textron Tower). No ambience to speak of but high quality deli food at fair prices. Cafe 101 (above Cappriccio's) has a more limited menu, but quality food, excellent service and a very cozy feel.

          Mama Teresa's does good red sauce Italian.

          Cafe Chokad for upscale sandwhiches.

          Tommy's for greasy food, very fast and very cheap.

          In terms of ethnic, Garris is right. Downtown is very limited and I suspect will remain so for the time being. The bulk of the downcity lunch time demographic is not particularly adventurous.

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          1. re: Frobisher

            New Japan is one of the Best places in town. Super quick service, great food and awsome prices. There is a reason why they have been there for close to 20 years!

            As for Pizza, your going to have to get in your car and drive to either the hill or Thyer.

          2. Although I prefer Taqueria Pacifica, there's also Cilantro for burritos and other quickie cal-mex type foods. It's on Weybosset.