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Mar 26, 2007 07:44 PM

Best Sushi in Paris

Heading to Paris in about 8 weeks and staying in the 6th. Wife is a veg. but loves sushi. Where is the best?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I have heard good things about Meiji (24 rue Marbeuf, 8eme)

    I have also noticed a very popular new sushi bar on bd Saint Germain, 7eme. I don't recall the name but it is just past Brasserie Lipp as you walk away from St Germain des Pres metro (towards Musee d'Orsay). Quite a small entrance but buzzing.

    Also worth checking out the veggie menu at Maceo 15 rue Petit Champs , 2eme. The restaurant has a beautiful formal dining room with lots of space. The cooking is to a high standard, innovative and inexpensive. There are usually three set menu's in the €30-40 and always one that is 100% veggie.

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      Here's a "second" for Maceo's vegetarian menu! (and all the rest, as well!)

    2. Sushi is Paris? The horror, the horror! 99% of sushi places in Paris are just horrible. Go to Kunigawa or Benkay, or save your sushi urge for another city,

      1. I gave up looking for good sushi in Paris. Japanese restaurants here are a joke "gastronomie japonais" serving yakitori and sushi. Bizan in the 1st and Inaki on ille st.louis are the most over-rated of all, $tay away.
        For a veggie menu, go to Les Allobroges. Its pretty good.

        1. You should try Isami on ile St Louis. It is necessary to book in advance.
          Beware of the numerous sushi restaurants run by chinese.

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            I've given up. Even the places near Opera are lousy.

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              Thats the one I was thinking of actually, Isami not Inaki. I was watching the sushi chef prepare meals while my table was being cleared. He basically makes the sushi and makimono before-hand and cuts them to order. I could understand if the place was bigger but its a really tiny place, it should be made to order. I don't recommend this place, there should be no short-cuts when it comes to sushi.

            2. Why? I agree with Busk. There are a lot of good seafood restaurants in Paris without eating sushi. It is France, not Japan.