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Mar 26, 2007 07:02 PM

Sapphire indian restaurant on 60th street

Has anyone been to Sapphire indian restaurant on 60th street and Broadway? We are thinking about going there for a pre-theater dinner on Friday night - would love to hear any thoughts.


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  1. Mediocre and vastly overpriced. If you're locked into Indian on UWS, you'd do better at Earthen oven on 72nd/Columbus. Still not earth(en) shattering, but better than Sapphire.

    1. I have ordered from Sapphire a few times and always been very dissapointed. I second the above - Earthen Oven is very good (you can find some more detailed reports on this board.)

      1. Skippable. Pricey and not worth it. Very disappointed.

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          i couldn't agree more. skip sapphire and head over to earthen oven (w72 and columbus).
          this place is always packed.