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Mar 26, 2007 06:38 PM

Dinner w/Parents in Kernersville/Winston-Salem

I will be having dinner with my approx. 75 year old parents in the Kernersville/Winston-Salem area. They are simple meat and potatoes kind of people, so I am looking for a good and casual, but not fussy or formal, place where I can take them for good quality dinner on a Sunday evening. If there is a place in Kernersville, that would be preferable.

Any thoughts???


BL -- Washington, DC Hound

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  1. Not sure about K-ville, but if you go into Winston, near Hanes Mall is the Village Tavern. It is usually a hit with that age group. (Read: I go there with my parents!). They have a number of dishes I like-the flank steak and the grouper hemingway come to mind.

    1. I was thinking the Village Tavern also. It's pretty nice and they have a good menu. When I go visit my family we go there. Why don't you ask them where they like to go and go there? For a decent steak and potato meal go to Cactus Jack's. It's never very busy, the prices are good and the food is good. It's not a 4 star restaurant, but they will probably like it.

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        Per the W-S Journal, Cactus Jack's has closed.

      2. For your next Kernersville, just off I-40 Business at the Hwy 150 exit, the C&H Cafeteria efficiently serves up a tasty assortment of food the older folks (and younger ones, too) just love. The owners are K&W vets (K&W=the mighty cafeteria chain) and apply their formidable knowledge in such food service to great effect. Meals are more than ample; prices are more than fair.

        Then another favorite for folks old and not-so old is the Out West Steakhouse (between Business 40 and I-40 proper, closer to the latter). This is a terrific steakhouse with, surprise, a slight western motif (check out the saddle stools in the small lounge). But do not despair, this is NOT a chain store. The food is fresh and tasty, service efficient and pleasant and prices reasonable for good steak. The foyer also sports some impressive collections of arrowheads and stone tools, clay pipes and a nice cigar store indian. The food keeps this place hopping (doors open at 4 and going early is a good idea as it fills up fast). In the store's anniversary month (Feb.) diners take advantage of terrific anniversary specials.

        Between Kernersville and Winston-Salem, in the town of Walkertown, there is a dandy fish house called, The Seafood Shack. It is also a non-chain and like all good seafood places, is closed Mondays (Close Mondays so the weekend's fresh catch can get hauled back. Well, that's what I always heard growing up around the Triad. When I told this to my companion on our first visit to the Seafood Shack last Saturday evening, she remarked, "I guess we should've come on Tuesday?" I'd never considered that!). Anyway, the place was clean and efficient. Food and prices were a bit better than those of our usual inland fish house, Kemp's in RTP. One cool side note (not promoted on the menu), one can order one claw of King Crab as a side item for $3.99. The best restaurant in Walkertown (really, that's almost like me saying that my only sibling is my favorite one).