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Mar 26, 2007 06:33 PM

Dallas Anniversary weekend recs

Need hotel and Saturday night dining recommendations for our anniversary weekend. Should we do the W and Craft, The Mansion and the Mansion, the Crescent Court and Nobu, ZaZa and Dragonfly? Or maybe one of these hotels or another and Stephen Pyles.
Also, who has the best Sunday brunch. Price is no object for the room or either dinner or brunch, I just want to make sure it is the best it can be. Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. You know, those are ALL great really depends on what style that you are looking for...As far as hotels, the ZaZa and the W are a bit more "hip"...The Mansion and the Cresent more elegant traditional...Then there is always the Adolphus and the French Room...All of the restaurants that you mention are very good, with Spephen Pyles at the top for me, personally...But don't discount a great and very trendy meal at Nobu or Dragonfly as well...I have probably been absolutely no help to you! I just think that what "style" of hotel and food is what is important here, since I feel that you really cannot go wrong with any of your choices...Now, if you choose the ZaZa, for example, I would definitely recommend one of the if I had to choose just ONE choice, I would choose a suite at the ZaZa, and dinner at Stephen Pyles...THERE...FINALLY a decision! Be sure to book very early at Stephen Pyles, since it is a weekends...or for that matter, almost any place else that you mentioned!

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      Id also consider the four seasons. Great food and much more to do on site if you want a romantic getaway with no need to leave the hotel. Great spa, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, golf, romantic bugolows, and nice staff. Unless you are seking a young hot vibe, stay away from the W--its loud, the staff is ill trained and simply not very good.

    2. Although I haven't been to the restaurant there (214 Central which has received excellent reviews), I can definitely recommend Hotel Palomar. If, however, you want something more traditionally elegant, you cannot go wrong with the Mansion, one of the great hotels in the world. The restaurant, with the new chef, isn't too shabby, either. I used to stay at ZaZa but now greatly prefer Palomar for a more trendy stay. Here is a link.

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        I have not been to the one in Dallas, but the Palomar in San Francisco is wonderful!

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          As stated above, depends on your style. 214, Nobu, Craft, and Dragonfly are not in the same league as the Mansion or French Room from a food perspective and you'll have to fight a very young crowd at all 3 on a Sat night.

          If you really want to blow it out, get Suite #5 at Hotel St. Germain and have dinner there. Without question the most elegant and romantic dining room in the city and that particular suite has a huge balcony where they can bring brunch to you.

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            For Christmas, my brother and I bought our parents a weekend at Hotel St. Germain, complete with dinner.

            We had breakfast and coffee with them Sunday morning and they looked so happy that I couldn't help but ask them if I had a sibling on the way.

            I'm 33.

            Although the restaurant is rarely, if ever mentioned locally, it has received loads of national attention.


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              I think the best meal we've had in Dallas was at Hotel St Germain. We also stayed there once, the night my husband & I got engaged (separate from the dinner occasion). We had breakfast on the patio of our room the next morning. Absolutely fabulous.

              If you prefer some place more lively and loud, I'd go with Crescent and Nobu. The chairs there aren't too comfy, I remember my back hurting at the end of our 3-hour dinner (we ordered omakase).

              FYI, I'm in my early 30s.

      2. Am I to guess that a double dip at Denny's for dinner and a grandslam while staying at a La Quinta is not exactly what you had in mind?

        1. Hotels are even more of a personal choice than restaurants. And I haven't stayed in any in Dallas in about six years since I bought a condo there. However, before that I stayed in hotels there very often. For my tastes, I really like the Crescent Court the best. To me, it had the best combination of good rooms, quiet, and excellent service. You could dress up or dress down and be just fine. Mansion had the same sort of service, but was a bit (quite a bit, at times) stuffier and more formal. W and ZaZa didn't exist at the time. But I've been in both for meals and business meetings and they are a bit loud and over the top for my tastes.

          If you stay at the Crescent, I'd recommend Lola, which is about a block and a half away. Much better than Stephen Pyles in my opinion, especially if you enjoy wine.

          1. If you stay at either the W or Zaza, you're a quick jaunt from the Henderson Ave. delights of Hibiscus. It stylish and tacitly hip; already established as opposed to some of those other spots that are still cutting their teeth. The menu, attention, and warmth should suit your anniversary perfectly!

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              I vote for Hotel St. Germain. I have not had the opportunity to eat dinner at the hotel, but the breakfast is certainly a breakfast worth waking up for. Numerous varieties of breakfast bread (pain au chocolat, croissant, scone, etc) all baked on site. The atmosphere is one of a kind for Dallas. The night before enjoy a cocktail from the drink cart in one of the several formal sitting rooms or outside on the porch or in the garden. Quaint and inviting the Hotel St. Germai is an escape within Dallas.