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Mar 26, 2007 06:07 PM

mornington Peninsula, melb... Who's in the know??

Little tips??

Lesser know wineries that do funky boutique smallgoods?

Best fish and chippery??

Tell me all!

We ate at the Dromana pub the other night (Stella's Bistro), hoping to find a nice sea-side homey pub that showcased lots of local produce. We were beyond disappointed.. it was VILE.

Any other suggestions for foodies new to the area??

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  1. First place to start is buy the 2007 Age Good Food Guide, where you will find many recommendations for the whole of the peninsula, including the Red Hill wine area.

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    1. re: bjrocky

      got one, thanks, bjrocky.. and we're planning to use it.

      Already found the world's best Vanilla slices at the Conti in Sorrento, courtesy of AGFG.

      Hoping for a little insider goss, if anyone has it.

      Found an amazing olive oil producer last week that doesn't appear in the AGFG.. one of those places you discover thru a friend of a friend and all that.

      1. re: purple goddess


        If any Chowies are down the MP way, you HAVE to check it out.

        Their tasting platter is DA BOMB!!! They do a local cheese that I can only describe as a thickened, salted European yoghurt.. unbelievable... sort of 1/2 way between ricotta and fetta. (check out the pics in their photo gallery!).. and their Reserve Chardonnay was prolly one of the best cold climate chardies I have had in a long long time.