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Mar 26, 2007 06:04 PM

Barcelona list - so far

Any feedback on these? Any not worth it?

Bar Mut (Tapas)
Cafe Zurch (Coffee)
Camper Foodball
Cinc Sentis
Café Viena
La Parra
Moo (Rossello 265 / at Omm)
Pinotxo (Mercat de la Boqueria)
Restaurant Passadís del Pep or Cal Pep
Rias De Galicia (Larida 7)
Tapac 24

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  1. Cinc Sentis-excellent!

    Moo-very trendy, cool sculptures on each table. It's a little trendy for the sake of being trendy, but the food is really good. Really cool bar area to hang out in after you finish dinner!

      1. re: biscuit

        If you're willing to spend around 130-140 € on an unforgettable lunch,go to "Drolma" @ the "Hotel Majestic".

        Take a look at this blog - http://mispreferidosenbarcelona.blogs... It has some interesting recommendations.

        Greetings from Madrid.


        1. re: biscuit

          Copying and pasting from another thread I posted in. These are my favorites, some are already on your list:

          ABAC -definitely nice and upscale!

          Cinc Sentits -again, just awesome. Smaller than ABAC, but wonderful!

          Moo-Very trendy, inside of the Hotel OMM

          Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa-smaller, not much to look at, but divine!


          Hope these help.

        2. Bar Mut (Tapas) - Great place, but very very busy, so book. Also quite pricey so not a place to fill up if you're starving!
          Botafumeiro - i wasn't wowed by this when i went. too stuffy and touristy in the dining room and the fish was a bit bland and overcooked for my liking. if you do go i think the best way to go is to have the seafood platter at the bar, or maybe a few separate seafood raciones eg clams, prawns...
          Cafe Zurch (Coffee) - (Zurich) it's a traditional meeting place. it's fine, but i don't think it's that special (and you probably pay over the odds) other than for its history and position (v central, right on Pl Catalunya at the top of the ramblas).
          Camper Foodball - think it's closed. even if it's open i wouldn't recommend it unless you like bland rice balls. perhaps worth a visit for curiosity value if you're passing anyway (it's quite near the MACBA modern art museum)
          Cinc Sentis - Cinc Sentits - great. definitely recommend this. excellent food and service.
          Café Viena - great for a basic but well made carb stop - jamon iberico sandwich and fries and a beer. if you go just before or after showtime at the theatre it will be full, but more fun. (go to the one on the rambla not c/pelai)
          Gaig - v high end, v classy dining room. i thought the food and service wasn't quite up to the standards i'd expect at this level. others have loved it though. it's certainly not bad, i'd just prefer to spend my money at, for example, Abac.
          La Parra - no personal experience, but heard v good things. not for a while tho, so may be worth checking it's still there.
          Moo (Rossello 265 / at Omm) - very stylish, designed restaurant. interesting menu, concept cuisine. there have been some negative comments about the service. I found the timing of delivery of dishes in the menu degustacion a bit off.
          Pinotxo (Mercat de la Boqueria) - great. a classic. go early for breakfast or lunch and have whatever Juanito offers you (not that you usually have much choice!)
          Restaurant Passadís del Pep or Cal Pep - I enjoyed Cal Pep but haven't been back for a long time because I hate queuing which you normally have to do to get a stool at his bar. So for a more relaxed experience I'd choose Passadís.
          Rias De Galicia (Larida 7) - high quality, pricey seafood and old school service.
          Silvestre - Not tried it.
          Tapac 24 - I wasn't that impressed, particularly by their treatment of customers, but many other people have been.

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            Excellent feedback. Thank you very much!

          2. Paco Meralgo is similar food-wise to Cal Pep, counter seating but comfortable and nice, starts serving early as it is part tapas bar, part restaurant, so if you arrive on the early side for dinner there will be no wait. In Eixample, corner Corsega and Muntaner.