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Mar 26, 2007 06:01 PM

Need a White for an Italian Meal

I belong to a dinner group that will be going to a very good (so I'm told) Italian restaurant. It's BYO.

Under normal circumstances, I would take a red wine but in this case I have been asked to bring the token white. I haven't a clue what to choose. I am wide open to suggestions but would like to keep the price under $35. Thanks in advance.

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  1. There should be no problem with finding a delicious white under $35...

    I would avoid The ubiquitous Santa Margarita PG,

    My personal favorite Italian whites are (in no particular order):
    Tocai Friulano
    Gavi (specifically Banfi's Principessa Gavi)
    Fiano di Avellino

    1. On a trip to the Piemonte in Italy a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Roero Arneis. I found it very refreshing and crisp. K&L uses "general-purpose aperitif or wine for antipasti" in their descriptions. I think it would be good with fish dishes. I brought a bottle of the 2005 Malvira "Trinita" home with me. The various brands at K&L run $13 to $18.

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        I find Arneis a bit fussy about food pairings, some of them can easily be overpowered. I wouldn't bring it to a meal if I didn't know the both the menu and the particular arneis.

      2. Chardonnay matches a wide variety of Italian foods, especially where cream and garlic are present.

        An excellent food-friendly and overlooked Italian white is Soave Classico Superiore... the higher the percentage of garganega grapes in the blend the better...

        Also, if you want to amuse and thrill your friends, bring some Moscato d'Asti for apps and/or dessert, a great Italian sparkling wine.

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          Marchesi de Frescobaldi Pomino Benefizio. One of Italy's great Chardonnays.

        2. You might want to try a Vernaccia from San Gimignano in Tuscany. This is my go-to Italian white for drinking and cooking. It'll go particularly well with antipasto.

          1. Some of the more impressive Italian whites in your general price range that I've tasted recently:

            Pinot Grigio 2004, Gris, Lis-Neris, IGT Venezia-Giulia

            Fiano di Avellino 2004, Campanaro, Feudi di San Gregorio

            2004 Soaves (or, in Anselmi's case, once and maybe future Soaves) from Pieropan, Inama, Anselmi