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Mar 26, 2007 05:54 PM

Favorite South Philly At Home Italian

I love to go to the Italian Market and put together a fab dinner from all of the fab offerings. My latest excursion yielded the following: Fresh mozzaralla and pesto from Claudios, fresh whole wheat pasta from Superior Ravioli, fresh italian bread with sesame seeds from Sarcones (along with an Italian hoagie to eat on the way home), fresh hot sausage with fennel from Fiorellas, broccoli rabe from a street vendor, and a wonderful assortment of cheeses and antipasto from DiBrunos. And of course an assortment of desserts from Isgros. Does it get any better than that?

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    I'm new to Philly and don't have a car, so have mostly just explored Center City.

    It's probably well known to locals, but can you tell me the streets where you were shopping?


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      Everything I mentioned is within a block or so of 9th and Christian in the Italian Market area. Also check out Carpuccios on 9th for more great sausage and veal cutlets. Talluttos has great pasta too. Spend a morning wandering around. And then go back the next week and check out some of the other places. My post only touches on my favorites, but I'm sure I left out a few.

      1. re: Ellen

        I second Tallutto's, but for their sauce. You absolutely must try their marinara. It's addictive. It goes beautifully with their fresh pasta - I usually go for the angel hair, but that's just how I roll. Their fresh bread is delicious as well. One other thing to try there - mozzarella balls (in olive oil and spices).
        They have a location in East Norriton too.

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        You can take the 47 bus from 8th and Market Sts. if you don't have the time to walk. Get off at 8th and Christian and walk over to 9th St. where all the stores are!

      3. I LOVE the Italian Market and often do exactly what you've done -- shop the stores and stalls, and come home and prepare a second-to-none Italian dinner. My first glass of wine gets poured before reaching for a pot or platter. Oh, and the experience wouldn't be complete without Dean Martin singing "That's Amore." The CD, "Dean Martin Sings Italian Love Songs" was also an Italian Market find.

        1. Oh and please don't forget to add some amazing meats (Ostrich anyone?) and sausages from Sonny DeAngelo or Espisitos. Stop for a pannini at Anthony's or a slice at Lorenzos (if you are brave, get the tripe next door). When you are really hooked you come to the Italian Market Festival and have a sip of limoncello as you walk down the block!
          Molto Bene!

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          1. re: Bigley9

            when is the Italian Market Festival ?

              1. re: Marilyn

                I think that is last years dates and schedule. This year it's the 19th and 20th of May.

                1. re: Tonyjlive

                  Thanks tonyjlive...I noticed that after I sent the post !
                  good to know the exact date.

          2. I love that place too. I haven't managed to find anything I can't live without seeing as I live in southern california and don't want to take anything too big or odd on the plane with me. but there is a great used book store on that street and a guy who sells the best perfume/essence oils. I'll be heading there tomorrow myself as that's where my newest journey will take me.

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            1. re: iL Divo

              We'll probably try to walk there. I'm near Arch/16th, once I'm on 9th, approx how far to Christian? Thanks.

              1. re: NCetr

                It's around 800, 900 or 1000 South 9th Street.
                So 8, 9 or 10 depending on where you're starting and where you're going etc.