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Mar 26, 2007 05:38 PM

Recommendations for Cairns

Looking for recommendations for good seafood or Aussie restaurants near the Oasis Resort Hotel.

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  1. Sorry if this suggestion is too late, but you must try Barnacle Bills Seafood Inn on the Esplanade in Cairns for brilliant seafood. It has a website that lists the menu

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      Yes, it's too late. Gone and came back already.
      But I did go to Barnacle Bills and thought the food was pretty good. Service was good too but the food came out really slow. They offered us drinks to compensate for the delay which I thought was very nice of them (especially knowing that we may not be repeat customers as we were tourists).

      We tried the Raw Prawn next door and had a feast on seafood. That was pretty good as well. We arrived before 6:30 so got the 20% discount. Service was also very good.

      Also tried the Fishlips located at the Cairns Yacht Club. Don't remember where I had read a review on this place which said it was very good. It was somewhat cafeteria style.
      One placed their order at a "fast food-like" counter and then took a seat where upon they brought the food to your table. The food took a long time to get to us and it was not anything special. It was quite mediocre.