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Mar 26, 2007 05:19 PM

Business Dinner, < $60 pp, Westside?

I'm looking for the best place to have a business dinner for about 15 people. Requirements:

1) Has a set menu or can put together a set menu for up to $60 per person, tax & tip inclusive;

2) No raw fish (so sushi joints would be out);

3) Within close driving distance of Beverly Hills.


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  1. You provided more info than most; however, the following can make a difference:

    1) What day of the week? If a private room Mon-Wed will be more available and less expensive than Thur-Sat.

    2) Does the $60 also include all bevergaes (i.e., beer, wine, cocktails, sodas, and/or coffee)?

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    1. re: JBC

      Great questions.

      1) Thursday - but I don't think we'll need a private room

      2) Yes, the $60 includes all beverages.


      1. re: Chestnut

        Recommendation - Do a dining taste test of any of the following (including what others have suggested) that sounds interesting and make the Boss pay:
        Coupa Cafe - Venezuelean
        419 No. Cannon Dr. - Right in The B.H. Triangle - 3 blocks from Spago
        (310) 385-0420

        Scroll down to the bottom for B.H.:

        Their menu isn't on their website, but I have their "dine-in or carry-out" menu::

        Starters - Apps for the Table (s):

        $21.90 - Margherita Pizza (2 orders @ $10.95).
        $13.90 - Hummus (2 orders @ $6.95).

        $2.39 = per person (15).

        $5.00 - Salad (a half order of 1or 2 of their 12 salad options).
        $16.60 - An Average of 5 of their "Most" Expensive entrees (*).
        $7.00 - Dessert - Sweet crepes (Chocolate dreams, banana split, & 6 more).
        $30.99 = Total Food cost per person

        $6.00 - Glass of Champagne (5 pours from a $30 bottle).
        $10.00 - 2 other drinks @ $5.00

        $13.03 - Tax & 18% tip
        $60.02 = per person

        Coffee - This is a coffee establishment with 23 choices in 1,2, or 3 sizes and 11 teas. Include this as 1 (avg.$3) of the 3 drinks, or knock out the starters and you're there.

        (*) Steak Frites (flank steak), Wild Salmon, Roasted Chicken, Maine Bay Scallops, & Venezuelan Pabellon (shredded beef stew, black beans, rice plantin and arepitas with nata). Actually the cost for the entrees would be less if people were free to order off the entire menu.

        Soleil - French Bistro:

        $6.95 - Salad
        $19.60 - Entree (average of the 5 "Most" expensive) (*).
        $6.95 - Dessert (6 choices).
        $3.33 - Cofffes (avgerage of Expresso, Cappucino, & Latte).

        $5.80 - Champagne (5 pours from $29 bottle).
        $8.40 - 2 glasses of Merlot or Chardonary (5 pours from $21 bottle).

        $14.15 - Tax & 18% Tip
        $65.18 - Total per person

        Comments - This is the worst case scenario. Not everyone will have 3 glasses of wine, if they subsititue spakling water or soda, you also save $s. If they order any of the pastas for the entree, you save $s. Everyone will probably not have coffee & dessert. You could pre-order the small caesar salad for the table and save $2.00 + T & T (= $2.55).

        Bottom Line - Control the salad order and the wine list (no cocktails), and you can pretty much let everyone order whatever they want as an entree (no specials) and come in at budget. But if you're unsure whether you can trust your guests so they don't all order the Steak & Shrimp for $22.95, then limit the entrees to ??

        1386 Westwood Blvd., 3 blocks south of Wilshire
        (10 minutes from the Beverly Hilton Hotel during light traffic, if that exists anymore).
        (310) 441-5384

        (*) Lamb Chops, NY Steak with shrimp, Duck, Chicken & Shrimp, Salmon.

        Shamshiri Grill - Persian

        $3.00 - Apps for the table - avg. 1/2 per person
        $5.95 - Shirazi Salad (large, sm = $3.95).
        $17.00 - Higher end average of beef, lamb, chicken, fish entrees.
        $4.00 - Dessert (Persian Ice cream "most expense" one).
        $3.00 - Coffee
        $32.95 per person - More Food than Soleil & $3.88 less before all non-coffee beverages. Don't know the cost of their wine.

        1712 Westwood Blvd.
        (310) 474-1410

        Private Rooms:

        Enoteca Drago - Italian - Beverly Hills
        Click on private room, but menu has no prices, so call & negotiate. Too $$$y?

        Addie's Place at Upstairs 2 - Tapas above a Wine Store - WLA
        Budget possible, but small (?) plates... Is there a room charge, ect.??

        Note - I didn't just type all that, I copied & edited.....

    2. Vincenti has a nice room in the front of the restaurant which will accommodate that amount of people. I did a dinner party there with a set menu for about that price. It was excellent. Celestino would be another choice. Both are good choices for a business dinner for 15. Both restaurants are within easy driving distance of Beverly Hills.

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      1. re: maudies5

        Thank you - I'll check those out!

      2. I know Grace will do a pre-set meal, if that's within your driving range.

        Maybe Fogo de Chao.

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        1. re: Emme

          Grace will be pricier and Fogo de Chao is not a good venue for a business dinner.

        2. Try Il Moro on Purdue near Olympic (there is a private room available) or upstairs at Enoteca Drago on Canon.

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          1. re: New Trial

            Second Il Moro. It can be a bit hard to find, tucked as it is in a 15-story office tower, but it's quite good and the prices are right on target.

            1. re: New Trial

              il moro, from my experience, will not come in at or under budget