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Mar 26, 2007 05:16 PM

SEA: Private room, good food for business dinners

Hi... I searched the boards and found a ton of recommendations for dining with groups, but mostly they were for birthday / anniversary parties and rehersal dinners. I'm wondering if everyone can help me with a slight variation on the theme...

My company is virtual, so we have monthly discussions over dinner at various Seattle restaurants. I'm looking for places that:
-- have a quiet private room (quiet enough so everyone can hear the conversation)
-- can accomodate ~15 people (+/-)
-- have tasty enough food that it's worth the trip
-- cost ~$100/person or less including drinks, tax, tip, etc.
-- are in the Seattle city limits (although some of my colleagues host dinners on the East side, so I'll forward along any suggestions outside of the city)

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

PS -- while I'm at it, in the summer time, are there any good outdoor (or partial outdoor) venues that meet all of the criteria above? A girl can dream.... ;-)

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  1. Check out Cremant: Close enough to the city and not a bad trip for eastsiders. Their Salon du Jardin looks ideal for your needs. I can certainly speak for the food being worth the trip and hope this room meets the rest of your needs.

    1. there's the large upstairs private room at Cascadia, although i have not been up there. Waterfront Grill also has a large private room; i don't recommend their catered hot buffet food, though, go with individual ordering off the menu instead. I also often see the bar at Union "closed for private event", you might inquire with them.

      1. I coordinate Corporate dinners frequently. Palace Kitchen has a private dining room that is great for smaller groups. Also, Waterfront, Cascadia, Wild Ginger, El Gaucho and Palisade are places that I book.

        Last summer, I planned a dinner meeting on the patio at Volterra. They were wonderful to work with in setting up the menu and wine pairings and everyone is still raving about it. We wound up just under $100/pp with some great wines. The weather in Seattle is hard to plan on though but I know that they are planning on opening a Private Dining room next door to the restaurant soon.

        1. you will be pleased to know that the new steelhead diner (pine street between first avenue and pike place - not only has a completely private room easily accomodating a group your size (with a great bay view, too!) but they have an adjacent deck which they may be willing to reserve. the food is wonderful, casual and well within your budget.

          1. McCormick & Schmick's Harborside: good food, great atmosphere, VERY fresh NW fish & seafood, 3 or 4 different sized private rooms to choose from and easy parking. I have held a few business dinners there; they have been successful and they are very accomodating & easy to work with...great views, too.