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Mar 26, 2007 04:25 PM

$9.70 Well Spent (Seoul Garden)

I've just finished a delicious dinner at the Seoul Garden (32 W 32). I had a fantastic seafood soon dubu served with a tasty array of panchen. That, with tea, cost me $9.70 + tip. Fantastic value, and lovely tastes.

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  1. I note you posted at an early hour. Was the price a function of it being an early bird special? Sounds like a true 'Hound success. Economy is part of the mission, in my view.

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    1. re: sing me a bar

      I don't think so. I had lunch there the other day and it was the same price. The place was fairly full at the time.

    2. seabass: What's in a seafood soon dubu, exactly? I like Korean food in general, but there are certain things I don't like... such as octopus and squid.

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      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Lots of squid in it plus a shrimp, mussels etc. But give it a try! Maybe they can do it without. Also they give you a raw egg to put in. Yum.

      2. I think squid is in seafood soondubu. There may also be shrimp. Seoul Garden is one of my favorite restaurants. For the quality and authenticity of their food, it's a pretty good deal.

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        1. re: vicvicvictoria

          I am a Seoul Garden devotee.

          I was in the area the other day and went to Cho Dang Gol after reading rave reviews. Their soon du bu PALED in comparison to SG's and it was more expensive. The restaurant overall exuded dankness and decline and I was harassed by a persistent fly throughout my meal. The soup had more overcooked egg in it than tofu, the zucchini was soggy, and the seafood content basically consisted of one shrimp. ALL of the banchan was stuff from a jar.

          I guess what I'm trying to say via this negative review is that Seoul Garden is still the greatest. :)