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Mar 26, 2007 04:23 PM

Best Seafood - Asheville/ Hendersonville area

Looking for a seafood option in the areas mentioned above. Not hearing much about seafood choices

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  1. What do you like? Fried or steamed or interestingly prepared?

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      Just good seafood. what do YOU suggest

    2. I think 28806 and Corner Kitchen to a great job with seafood. The former gets theirs flown in regularly (daily?) from Hawaii and the latter works with an upscale distributor. If you want simple fare try Lobster Trap downtown they have broiled, grilled, steamed (no fryers in house) and do a great Shrimp and grits.

      1. For VERY simple fare, Blue Water Seafood in Hendersonville is a seafood market with 4 tables indoors and 4 on the patio. You can get whatever they have for sale fried, steamed, etc. I had steamed shrimp on Saturday, I've had in the past steamed clams, raw oysters, steamed scallops, fried oysters...lots of things. They have a few side dishes as well, but they are only so-so. The fries are good.

        Blue Water is also a wine shop, so you can get a nice glass of something with your meal. The owners are usually there, so you tend to get earnest service. Kanuga Rd.