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Mar 26, 2007 04:08 PM

Dinner near Carnegie Hall

We are looking for a good dinner recommendation (around 7pm, pre-10pm show at Zankel Hall). We are celebrating mother's birthday - looking for something mid-price range.


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  1. I really enjoy Abboccato on 56th Street. It's Italian with a twist and isa great, sophisticated setting.

    It has a sister restaurant which is Greek - Molyvos, which is on 7th avenue between 55th and 56th which I also like a lot. The grilled whole branzini there is very good.

    1. not sure if it's mid or a bit higher, but trattoria del-arte, right across the street. and be sure to get the artichokes -- ethereal!

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        Trattoria Del Arte works for me. Also Redeye Grill but this can be hectic (not that TDA isn't though).

      2. Second Molyvos - Milos would also be good.

        1. Amalia is great. We went to City Center and had a fantastic pre-theater meal there. Highly recommended. I posted about it.

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            Yes, Amalia would be an excellent choice! It's on 55th, b/t B'way & 7th. Their website is still under construction, but the menu is on Menupages.