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Mar 26, 2007 03:55 PM

Weekday lunch at a comfy, inexpensive place downtown, w/good wine list

I am taking a couple of days off from work this week. And I would like to spend the good part of an afternoon of one of those days eating a good meal--but not too fancy--slowly, over a bottle (or two) of good wine. The kind of place I have in mind is Frankie's 17 (LES) or Gascogne (Chelsea), but I have been to both already and would like to try something new. Suggestions?

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  1. Blue Ribbon Bakery in the west village is very cozy with creative American (and some French) food and very good wine. Even when they're packed I've never felt rushed -- I'm sure lunch would be very relaxed.

    Cornelia St Cafe would be less expensive, and on a nice day you could either sit outside or new the open door-windows.

    I live in the west village, work from home, and you've make me realize that I definitely don't do this enough!

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      blue ribbon bakery can get insanely loud when it's packed, unfortunately, if noise level bothers you...

    2. Gavroche, on 14th St., b/t 7th & 8th Avs., is a French bistro with very good food. They have a lunch prix-fixe for $19. Since the weather is going to be so nice tomorrow, you could see if the garden is open. Not quite as charming as Gascogne's, but still very pleasant.

      1. What about August? Especially the front room near the wood-burning cozy. On Bleeker, I think near Charles/Perry.

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          Thanks. August is actually EXACTLY the place in mind--I had read about it, never been there, and couldn't remember its name. I went there today, sat in the back room, had a delicious escarole salad and a chorizo sandwich, and shared a bottle of wine with my husband. Perfect.

        2. 'ino on the lower east side