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Mar 26, 2007 03:53 PM

Pacifico in Port Chester

Any feedback on Pacifico?
Would it be a good place for a large group, say 15 people?

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  1. My experience there is limited to lunch but I enjoyed it and like the atmosphere (very casual) as well as the food. Service was good. It's definitely appropriate for a large group and if I recall, there was a seperate space upstairs that would work for that.

    1. I had lunch there a while ago with some friends. They enjoyed the fish. I, however, don't eat seafood and my meal was awful. I can't remember what I had, but I've never returned.

      1. I love Pacifico, my meals have always been great there, inventive food, cool atmosphere

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          1. re: onethinmint

            Agreed. The one time I went the food was mediocre. But most of my friends really like it. Maybe I was there on a bad night.

            1. re: onethinmint

              I also agree. I can't even remember the meals I had the 2 times I have been there. Very unremarkable.

              1. re: chocolate chick

                I have been to Pacifico many times and have always had a great meal. The scene is casual and on weekends is very busy and noisy with an upbeat vibe. I prefer this restaurant to it's sister restaurant Sonoma(also in Portchester). I live in upper westchester and make the drive to enjoy this place.

                1. re: xecuchef

                  I definately like the vibe there too. We have been there both times on a Saturday night with friends and the atmosphere is fun. Still can't remember what I ate, either time. Both within the last 6 months.

              2. re: onethinmint

                I agree with those who gave it an "okay." I was really excited to try it but was not especially impressed by anything except the carrot lobster bisque. However, I did like the atmosphere and the wait staff is very pleasant.

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  I agree on the 'okay' for Pacifico. I thought Sonoma was better, but it's been so long ago I couldn't say what it is like now. I tried Pacifico twice with the same impression -- meh.

                  1. re: dolores

                    Sonora not Sonoma. I agree with the "ok" on food. Fantastic drinks though.

            2. We went to Pacifico early in 2007. We loved it. Lived up to all the hype.

              We returned December 1, 2007. While the food was still good, this time the service was lacking. Yes, I know it was a Saturday night; but why should that matter?

              The Sangria is a real value when you order by the pitcher. Serves 4. Cost $29.

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              1. re: dhammer53

                Wow, when you compare that to $12. a glass at Tango Grill (what a ripoff) that's a bargain. Pacifico is okay, it's not great.

                I had a much more enjoyable experience at La Paella in Norwalk, CT.

              2. drinks are is ok.......nothing orgasmic........service was good........i say give it a try! (consistency on all of these points i hit may be there biggest challenge.....but isn't it for all restaurants)