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Mar 26, 2007 03:29 PM

Best places to buy cases of good wine cheap?

I'm posting this in "Boston" and not in "Wine" because it's about where people buy wine in the Boston area. Let me know if you think my judgement is off.

I'm shopping for wine for a wedding - will need to buy 8-10 cases. Where do people shop when they need to buy in quantity and want both a good wine and a good deal?

I'd like to spend $5-7 a bottle, maybe something from Spain, but mostly I want to know where people shop. New Hampshire is great for the savings on tax, but most state stores don't have a lot of good wine under $7. Maybe the Nashua, NH Costco?

Another thought is Trader Joes right here in Boston - some prices are so good, that even paying tax you still save money. And they seem to really specialize in the under $10 range.

How do restaurants get wine? Is it possible to buy in this kind of quantity from a distributor?

What else might I not be thinking of? Where would you go to get a good price on a quantity of good wine? I can travel a bit, so if there is something awesome in New Haven or Portland or wherever, let me know.


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  1. I'd suggest checking Marty's on Washington St. in Newton. They offer discounts on cases and are very helpful in directing me toward affordable, potable wine. I'm not sure how many $5 bottles they have, but a discount on an $8 bottle might get you close to your budget.

    1. Congrads on getting married, we did our own bar too. We purchased directly from a local winery in San Diego, but got all of our liquor from COSTCO. Costco and Traders are probably your best bet. There is a wine bog all about TRADER's wines called, you migth find some good stuff. You should weigh the cost savings of going to NH against the gas etc it will cost you to get there.

      You might find something you like and be able to buy it in bulk from your local grocery store as well. Talk to the wine buyer at TRADERS or Whole Foods, Ihave found them to be helpful.

      Good Luck

      Test the stuff before you purchase it!!

      1. I'm going through this process right now for my own wedding. Have you tried Gordon's Liquors in Medford? They do free delivery for orders over $100 and they'll also buy back / credit unopened bottles. They have someone who handles catering (can't think of her name) who is supposedly very good at recommending inexpensive wines from Argentina, Spain, etc. that are very good and under $10.

        1. Other place to try is Brookline Liquor Mart. Roger was very helpful when we were searching for a new 'weekday' house wine - something $10+/-. I got a mixed case of his suggestions to try & they delivered for free into downtown Boston.

          1. Trader Joe's is a great option, and I'm pretty sure they will buy back unopened cases. Distributors are not allowed to sell to individuals.

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              I agree. Trader Joe's has some great options. The one in Cambridge (by MicroCenter) has some really nice people in the wine area who have a lot of knowledge and who are willing to help you pick out the best options, considering your budget and tastes.

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                I did the same thing. I had great luck at Trader Joe's in Cambridge. The staff there thought it was a great idea and were really happy to help. They opened different bottles and let me try them. It was great. We didn't have to worry about trying to sell back unopened cases though... every last drop was gone!