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Mar 26, 2007 03:18 PM

San Clemente Secret BBQ spot?

I keep hearing about this Secret BBQ spot in San Clemente, any ideas on how I get there and if it is worth going to?

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  1. Rick's Secret Spot is what you're talking about.

    The portions are huge, the sauce is good.
    The blueberry macadamia cobbler is incredible.
    My office gets lunch takeout from there once in a while. Tasty food for sure.

    It's hard to find but I'll give it a stab:

    exit Pico from the 5 fwy and go east about a mile.
    Turn right on Calle Amanacer
    Left on Calle Sombra.
    It dead ends into a little office complex (veer left).

    Rick's is back there. Check hours though, because it's in such a strange location.
    Here's a review I found on them:

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    1. Looks like Rick's Secret Spot is closed now. I was thinking of trying this place out for the first time today, but I just went to the website, and saw that they've closed their doors. I guess nobody has visited this place recently.