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Burgers with Unique Toppings

Having a fried egg on a burger was at one time something very odd to me, as I'm sure having chili on a burger was something equally as strange when it first hit the scene. I'm curious, what restaurants/shacks/trucks in the LA area serve a burger with other "different" non-traditional toppings? I'm not looking for patty alternatives, just the toppings. Now this can be subjective, as what one finds weird another might not. But I'm still curious on what's out there, and if in your opinion the bizarre topping was even worth the trouble.

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  1. Have you been to the Counter in Santa Monica? You can be pretty inventive here. Take a look at their options: http://www.thecounterburger.com/order...

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      the wimpy burger at Gorikee, there's mango chutney on there and a helluva a lot of garlic.

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        I actually have been here before and got my creative groove on. But I dunno...the only toppings there that feel really kinda zany are the dried cranberries, carrots, and sprouts.

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          A juicy medium rare 2/3 lb'er with horseradish cheddar - hard boiled eggs and roasted corn & black bean salsa with some black forest ham and a soupcon or two of roasted garlic aioli.

          Just another nice normal burger, obviously. ;-D

      2. Try 26 Beach Restaurant and they make their own buns !
        They have a dozen burgers on the menu, but some of the ones they do not have on the menu are amazing. If you see an japanese guy with long, long hair, he is the owner, ask him about some of the old school burgers they used to do.
        3100 Washington

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          I second 26 Beach burger diversity of toppings.

          The Bombay Burger is my current favorite.

        2. The Shack - there is one at Wilshire/25th and another in Playa towards the end of Culver Blvd near the beach. Order the "Double Shack Cheeseburger" - 1/2 lb. beef with a sausage on top (plus all the usual toppings - lettuce, mayo, etc.). Instant heart attack. But fantastic.

          1. Hawkins House of Burgers
            (323) 563-1129
            11603 Slater St
            Los Angeles, CA 90059

            The "Hawkins" burger consist of three, one-pound ground beef patties. Each pattie has different toppings. Pattie one has 2 Italian sausages with hot chili sauce and cheese. Pattie two has 2 eggs over easy with chili sauce. Pattie three has 1/2 pound of the best pastrami in town with chili sauce. This all comes on a giant bun with divider pieces of bread in between the patties.

            The Altadena/Pasadena location is closed

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              It's amazing that all of this fits on one burger (sandwich). I'm in shock! Wow! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. :)

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                I really need to go and try it, or at least have 4 or 5 bites, okay maybe half. No way I could finish it, not even in my prime. I could do 2 double Jay Burgers and a Jay Dog with 2 lemonades but that was in my youth, now i got to watch what I eat, right, not. lol.

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                  Okay, that's pretty good. Is that sort of like 2 double doubles (from In N Out) and a Costco dog, plus two drinks? Very impressive. :)

                  I think my brother would be into the Hawkins Burger, except for the fried egg part. :)

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                    Burger Boy, to deserve that handle on ChowHound you should have already tried it and presented your essay about your experience here already!!! Shame on you!

                    I had a 1, or was it 2 pound work of art at the now defunct 'Mo Better Meaty Meat Burgers' that was called the Super King Chili Cheese Burger (or something like that) x-tra rare with everything once and although really good I was full for 2 days. I really miss those guys.

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                      Now that's a serious meal! Full for two days? Wow!

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                      Now this is one I'd like to see a picture of before the undertaking!

                    3. Not super crazy but I had a GREAT hawaiian teriyaki burger with pineapple at Kona Crisp at the top of Palos Verdes (silver spur and hawthorne) near the vietnamese restaurant. they have assorted ketchups and ranch

                      1. They put ham on the hamburgers at the Canadian cafe in Monrovia. It's not very exotic, but at least it's a true "ham burger." :-)

                        1. At Mo's in Burbank they offer several non-traditional sides for your burger. One time I ordered a PBJ burger. The jelly was sour plum jelly, though, so it wasn't overly sweet.

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                            We had a bad experience at Mo's, both ordered medium rare burgers and they came out well done, our food all came out at different times and honestly, the burger was just not good. Also, there is nothing great at their burger bar. We were dissapointed.

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                              Talking about plum jelly....I used to get the slam dunk burger at the old Hampton's on Highland. It had the plum jelly and dijon mustard. I liked it.

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                                I miss Hampton's Burgers and the Pasta Cobb Salad. Thank you Paul Newman, Robert Redford and the others who started it.

                            2. There's fois gras on the burger at Josie. I think that's pretty unique.

                              1. Here's a different recipe: http://bbq.about.com/od/hamburgerreci....
                                If you went to Cassel's, you could put canned peach halves, sliced pineapple, cottage cheese, etc. on your burger. Lots of places, of course, have chili, cheeses, bacon and eggs. Wolfe Burger has lots of peppers and chiles.

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                                  Okay, this mix of flavors sounds really nuts. Is it any good? Cottage cheese and peaches on a burger?

                                  By the way, that link listing the different kinds of burgers is pretty cool. I never knew there were so many kinds. :)

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                                    Cassell's serves the burger meat (1/3 or 2/3 pound) cooked to your requested degree of doneness and cheese of your choice on a bun or bread and that's all! They have a condiment/salad bar where you help yourself to the above mentioned and other items but they don't plop cottage cheese or anything else on their burgers! You would have to do it yourself!

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                                      That sounds more reasonable-- choose what you want and avoid what you don't want. Thanks for explaining this, sel. :)

                                2. I'd 2nd the Counter in Santa Monica. You can also have your burger in a bowl. Not to mention the yummy sweet potato fries!

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                                    Another vote here for The Counter! It's a few blocks away from where I go to school, so I'll sometimes go there with some buds for lunch. Some of the toppings are definitely the craziest I've ever seen. Ahh but nothing spoils the joy of a burger with Tillamook cheese, fried onion strings, guacamole, bacon, and a pineapple slice, served on an English Muffin. :)

                                  2. I have a slightly related inquiry...anyone know where I can get a good gooey mozerella cheese and marina burger (aka Pizza Burger)....the one at 26 beach cafe wasn't so hot (totally fell apart)....also had one at Jerry's Deli, which (of no shock) sucked. I remember getting those in my youth at Orange Julious

                                    1. My vote for the most unique topping on a burger is the Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out.

                                      It's a burger with nothing. Actually, since there's no bun, it actually has negative toppings!