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Mar 26, 2007 03:04 PM


I am debating on a cake for my sisters 30th. I want to do something special so I was thinking of getting a fun cake designed at Creative Cakes in Silver Spring but now I am debating on doing cakelove. She is not from the area so she wont know cakelove's reputation. Do I go for one that will impress her with a cute design or one that has a reputation for taste? Any opinions on this?

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  1. I think if there's going to be a party, it's a neat show/presentation to have a good-looking cake. But if it's a smaller affair or you just want to get her a cake, I'd go for taste.

    1. Why not go for taste and a fun appearance? My husband got my 30th birthday cake from Cakes by Loretta (she specializes in wedding cakes but will do smaller cakes). The cake was absolutely beautiful and tasted INCREDIBLE! I had the grandma's chocolate cake with fresh raspberry filling and a white chocolate cream cheese icing. Man it was so good.

      I strongly discourage you on choosing cakelove unless you know you like them. I think the general impression on this board is that they are not the best cakes in town.

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        Was it expensive? I dont want to spend any more than $40 on it--it only needs to be about 6 inches - 8people. I am by no means tied to cakelove--never even been there--I will steer clear

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          Probably more than you want to spend, but at least worth calling her. My hubby threw me a big surprise party, so my cake was big and probably cost upwards of $100. BUT, if you need something small, and she's not too busy, maybe she could do something for you.

          And, now that you say you've never been to cakelove, and you have probably already figured this out, but DON'T DO IT! Way too expensive and just not that good.

          There are other good suggestions here too.

      2. Skip Cakelove - painfully expensive and not worth it.

        I think Victoria's Cakery in Fairfax makes amazing cakes - delicious and pretty. There's also Heidelberg in Arlington (great traditional birthday cakes) and Pastries by Randolph, also in Arlington - fancier and delicious too.

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          Victoria's Cakery is my favorite bakery. It has a heavy, rich cake that I like and I've never had a bad cake from it. They're not exceptionally beautiful cakes (don't know what they're like when you ask for a special design, though) but basic decorations, attractive and taste great.

        2. We have been very pleased with the small cakes from Firehook Bakery for dinner parties and celebrations. Two sizes that have been just right to serve 8 or 12 people. Pretty cakes. English Trifle Cake. White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Lemon Raspberry Cake. And the standards as well.
          Check their website for a location close to your home and order ahead for pick up. Well within your budget.

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            I ordered a white chocolate mousse cake from Firehook for a recent birthday celebration. It was delicious and so pretty.

          2. You should be able to get an excellent cake from somewhere like Victoria's or Heidelberg for far less than $40 for 6". I've had excellent chocolate cakes from both. I believe Heidelberg is known for their Black Forest (Schwarzwald) cake.

            I'll have to try some of these other places as well.