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Mar 26, 2007 02:46 PM

Help! Going to my first Seder.

I would like to bring a food to my first Seder I feel very honored to be invited. Being a Gentile, I have no clue where there are any Jewish bakeries on the North Shore. Thanks.

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  1. I think an important first step is to figure out how observant your host is. Some Jews forsake only bread during Passover while others will only eat foods certified Kosher for Passover, even items like seltzer. To answer your question about bakeries, most Kosher bakeries close for the entire Passover holiday. If your host's guidelines are somewhat relaxed, you can go to a nice bakery that sells Passover desserts, i.e., those items that do not have flour or leaveners. In the Boston area, Clearflour has an extensive list of Passover desserts including macaroons and flourless chocolate cake. Now that I've overcomplicated matters, I am going to suggest a nice assortment of chocolates from Barton's, available at Costco.

    1. Well, the North Shore is a large area - there's Newman's Bakery on Humphrey St. in Swampscott. Not the best, but it's Kosher. And in Peabody - well, I never did get there - but some time ago, we were talking about Zucker's (or is it now called Anthony's?) 4 Lake St. in Peabody: 978-535-5335. They are supposed to have really good challah.

      I'm also gentile, & have been to a couple of Seders. There's a synagogue in Swampscott that has a truly wonderful ecumenical Seder for the local community. I was also honored to attend last year.

      I found this site that might help, also:

      (I'd definately ask about what you should bring, though...)

      1. or you could bring a kosher wine--there are some good ones now.

        1. Yes, you should definitely ask-- if your host is reasonably observant, chances are that some kosher (for passover) wine or nice fresh fruit (or even something nonedible like flowers) may be your best bet.

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            Yes, and chances are, if they are holding a seder, they are at least moderately observant..which would certainly mean no challah or trips to a bakery.....!

          2. It's nice of you to think of this, but - Jewish bakeries usually closed for Passover--too hard to switch everything over! If you are set on bringing dessert, find a big Stop and shop and go to the passover aisle and buy macaroons and candies. there are sometimes kosher for passover cakes in the freezer section.

            The Butcherie in Brookline is the mothership for kosher for Passover food.

            Good wine or flowers might be easier to procure.

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              This week's Stop & Shop circular has a list of which stores are considered Passover superstores.