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Brooklyn--Where to dine near BAM? Help!

Hi All,
Going to a show at BAM 30 Lafayette Avenue (kind of the Brooklyn Heights/Fort Greene area). Can you please recommend a good restaurant near BAM?
Ideally, it would be great to utilize the 'Brooklyn Week' restaurants. (please not Junior's--I don't like it).

I'm fine with most cuisines but am particularly happy with 'eclectic American', Southern, Italian, French, Thai, Continental.

I should have asked you dining experts sooner, but hopefully I can catch some of you in time.

Thanks for your advice!

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  1. Lots of threads (and recent ones) on this subject. Do a search for BAM and you should find something.

    1. Actually there's pages of threads to sort thru, much of which is from before 2005. I saw one from 2006 that said to 'sort thru threads'. So any new restaurant advice would be most welcome.

      1. Check out Alchemy on 5th ave between bergen and st marks....they are doing dine in brooklyn, great food, great atmosphere, i highly recommend it!!

        1. That's weird -- the search engine must not be working properly -- there's really been a whole slew of BAM posts lately. Here's a good recent one. Hope this isn't too late for you.


          1. look up these places. i'm not saying i endorse them or don't endorse them, but they are in the 'hood. they've all been thoroughly discussed here:

            smoke joint, pequena, ici, burger 67, scopello, thomas beisel, olea, taro, sushi d, Keur N'Dye

            1. Similar question. Going to BAM tomorrow and need a place to eat...

              Has anything new opened up in the last 6 months? Are the restaurants listed below (specifically Smoke Joint or Thomas Beisel) still open? Oh, and does Thomas Beisel have a website (or a MenuPage)? I'd like to know the dishes and average price for a meal.

              And lastly, does anyone know a good restaurant with a prix fixe menu?

              Thank you!

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              1. Glancing around, I don't see anyone (in other threads, or this one) mentionig Bacchus on Atlantic Ave. It's a neighborhoody French bistro. I love it there, though the service is kind of... European... in that they leave you alone unless you ask for help. But the food is good, the frites are fabulous, and the atmoshpere is lovely. If you happen to be going to a Sunday Matinee, the Eggs Florentine is perfect.

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                    Ugh... 2-Stars... how and why? Lucky throw to the Bruni Dartboard of Restaurant Ratings is my guess.

                    I've heard not too many good things about Bacchus as of late, although I was a huge fan 4 years ago (stopped going because it became out of the way...)

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                      I will admit that I've noticed Bacchus has been kind of a mixed bag the last few months. I don't know what happened. But when they're on, they're still on. I've been happy a lot more than disappointed, so it still gets my vote.

                      And the Eggs Florentine...

                1. My wife and I went to Thomas Biesl last night before the show. Wow. I have a knack for picking bad restaurants.

                  Now, to be fair, the head server (maybe manager?) told us that they were short two servers, and he did kick butt - bartending, serving, clearing, and delegating new guests all at once. But his two companions were way out of their league for a matinee rush that big.

                  My wife and I got there at 5:45PM. It wasn't full at all, pretty quiet and calm. So we were taken aback when the "hostess"/server abruptly asked "Do you have reservations? No? Oh, then you can't eat here. We don't have any seats. We're all booked." with eyes pointing towards the door. Wooooowww. HaHa... only one word came to mind, and it pertains to a female dog. I was about to head out when my wife spotted two seats at the bar and asked if we could sit there. The server, looking a bit disappointed, shrugged and nodded. Just awful. I know that European bistros aren't the warmest places in terms of service, but this was just demeaning in sorts.

                  The food that we ordered was all over the scale.
                  - Their soup of the day, Viennese tomato soup, was perfect. So delicious that my wife and I were fighting over the spoon.
                  - My pork cheeks and dumplings looked like they'd been pre-cooked in the morning and nuked before plating.
                  - My wife's braised beef tasted spoiled. Not "sour/sauer" as the chef said it was supposed to be, but "spoiled/(I don't know how to say that in Austrian)". The manager/head server was kind enough to replace the dish with my wife's request of meatloaf special. Now that was worthwhile. Hint of caraway and an herb that I've tasted but couldn't recollect... moist but firm... a great meatloaf all around.

                  AND THEN! The best part, which wasn't the restaurant's fault, but which I thought just completed the whole experience... a beggar troddled in and started panhandling! HaHaHa... ahhh... now that's good ol' Flatbush.

                  The chef stepped behind the bar for a second to grab some soda and had a chat... he says it's usually better later at night when the mad matinee rush is done. But after that first experience ($70 for 1 app, 2 entree, 2 glasses of wine + tax & tip + headache, upset stomache & stress) I don't think I'll want to head back there anytime soon.