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Mar 26, 2007 02:43 PM

Brooklyn--Where to dine near BAM? Help!

Hi All,
Going to a show at BAM 30 Lafayette Avenue (kind of the Brooklyn Heights/Fort Greene area). Can you please recommend a good restaurant near BAM?
Ideally, it would be great to utilize the 'Brooklyn Week' restaurants. (please not Junior's--I don't like it).

I'm fine with most cuisines but am particularly happy with 'eclectic American', Southern, Italian, French, Thai, Continental.

I should have asked you dining experts sooner, but hopefully I can catch some of you in time.

Thanks for your advice!

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  1. Lots of threads (and recent ones) on this subject. Do a search for BAM and you should find something.

    1. Actually there's pages of threads to sort thru, much of which is from before 2005. I saw one from 2006 that said to 'sort thru threads'. So any new restaurant advice would be most welcome.

      1. Check out Alchemy on 5th ave between bergen and st marks....they are doing dine in brooklyn, great food, great atmosphere, i highly recommend it!!

        1. That's weird -- the search engine must not be working properly -- there's really been a whole slew of BAM posts lately. Here's a good recent one. Hope this isn't too late for you.

          1. look up these places. i'm not saying i endorse them or don't endorse them, but they are in the 'hood. they've all been thoroughly discussed here:

            smoke joint, pequena, ici, burger 67, scopello, thomas beisel, olea, taro, sushi d, Keur N'Dye