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Mar 26, 2007 02:33 PM

Bar Harbor Maine- Special Anniversary Dinner

For the celebration of my parents' 50th anniversary this June, I am looking for a special restaurant in Bar Harbor Maine area Our group will have 12 people, including 4 kids aged 10 and under. No suggestions of lobster pounds, please (we' ll be getting our lobster fix otherwise.) The place need not be "fancy" but it should be "special" - we are looking for great food in a comfortable environment, where we can linger.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Last time in Bar Harbor this past fall I had searched far and wide, including here, CH, for dining ideas to line up for the several-day visit. I had several pages printed out to guide us. We had some really good meals (Havanna one of the more memorable) and some OK ones, but one place stood out from a combination of quality of food, preparation, presentation and nice cozy atmosphere. It wasn't even on my list, but was suggested by a hotel clerk who happened to be chow-person.

    I got the impression this is where the local chefs might go when they get a day off and want a great meal but want to escape the dizziness of the tourist spots. I just had to search with some diligence to come up with the name and address to show here as the name had since escaped me, as Maggie's Restaurant on Summer Street seems to let itself be found by recommendations such as this, rather than advertising.

    Next time I am in BH, Maggie's is without question first on my list. Not far from down town and walkable, but consult a local map 'cause you wouldn't find it otherwise. Hidden on a side street across for the small supermarket (Hannafords?) in what is really a residential area. When you find the place you will ask yourself why they don't have a big sign to attract people, but once inside and you begin your meal I predict your conclusion might be as mine was: They don't need to. They have all the business they can handle from those who know, without having to beckon to the tourist trade. Just my impression, and only the ownership can speak to whether they have all the business they can handle, of course! In late September they were very busy.... had to wait a while for a table. Don't recall for sure, but they might not even take reservations? My memory is bad for this stuff, but my "dining/food experience memory" isn't.

    Currant, I suggest calling them and asking about your party. I can't say they have seating for a party of 12, but if so, I feel they would be a great choice based on your description. All others who try it on my suggestion, or who are already familiar with the place, let me know if you feel I am on-base or not. I almost feel like I am giving away some secret the locals will be angry at me for disclosing.

    1. I really like the Bar Harbor Inn. Lovely rooms right on the water, and the dining room is very nice. I wouldn't get anything exotic, but typical New England fare is just right. The views are lovely, the bar is great. It's also not terribly expensive.