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Mar 26, 2007 02:19 PM

Trader Joe's Frozen dinners

Any suggestions for good ones? I love the chicken masala, but I'm looking to branch out! Thanks!

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  1. I like the frozen gnocci with mozzarella and tomatoes (it comes in a bag). I used to take the veggie rice bowls to work for lunch; I don't think it would be filling enough alone for a dinner. The pierogies are tasty, too. I think they also have a pesto tortollini bowl? I've also made dinner out of some gyoza (I prefer pork over the other varieties) and edamame.

    Does TJ's still carry the frozen French onion soup and the creme brulee? I found those to be worthwhile purchases.

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      The pesto tortellini bowls are one of my staples for a late, light, quick feed -- a little flabby but pretty tasty. The chicken lasagna is more than serviceable, and the beef shepherd's is excellent and surprisingly nutritious. The mac & cheese is much better than the dry box variety, and some of the bagged pasta- and rice-based meals are decent, in particular one with farfalle & red pesto and another with eggplant.

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        I like the roasted vegetable enchiladas and the orange chicken -- if you bake it, you won't feel quite as bad as if you had the fried stuff at a restaurant.

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        I really like their frozen pastas (the ones that come in the bag) - at last check this includes bowties in tomato pesto sauce, fettucine alfredo and gnochi in cream sauce (both a rare treat, too unhealthy but good), and gnochi with tomato sauce and cheese, also penne arabiata. My other favs include the fat free chicken burritos (the ones in the white paper wrapping), the spinach lasagna (individual portion, clear plastic wrapping). The tamales are good too, especially the chicken ones. In the refrigerator section, I like the stuffed bell peppers, and the turkey meatloaf.

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          Yeah, the still carry both of those (although I've never bought either one -- maybe I should!).

          My ex-housemate raised her son on the Spinach Lasagne -- she must of have fed him hundreds over the years.

          Also, the Thai Red Curry Tuna is really good -- very spicy! It's not frozen, it's in the shelf-stable pouches and it's super cheap, too. You can serve it over some of the frozen cooked jasmine rice. The green curry Tuna is pretty good, too, but I didn't care for the yellow curry version.

        2. The frozen Maryland crab cakes are excellent. All you need to do is pan fry it for 3 minutes.

          1. the frozen gorgonzola gnocchi is the best - and even better with a little more gorgonzola melted in. The frozen turkey meatballs are good and make a nice meatball sub or teriyaki meatball stirfry. Next, the tomato gnocchi. The rice bowls are ok. Used to really love the chocolate ganache cake for dessert but they have changed it and it is not as good.

            1. Penguinista - check out this website, may be helpful:

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                Ooh, that's a great help! Thanks! (and thanks for everyone's comments - now I have all kinds of things to try out!)

              2. I love the Turkey Meatballs

                Chicken Fried rice is pretty good.

                The Orange Chicken is good.

                The new macaroni and cheese has a great element... ricotta cheese (my fave).

                I also really like the Cheese Enchiladas--not the green package, but the ones in the bigger package covered with a see-through plastic cover. The ones in the refrigerator section, Chicken Enchiladas, are quite good too.

                In the fridge section, I really like the Eggplant Parm, Spinach-Potato Frittata, Chicken Salad w/ Cranberries and Pecans, and the tub of BBQ Chicken.

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                  My husband loves the spaghetti and meatballs. They're usually in the vege and salad section but, sometime's they're stocked still frozen. We love the french pizza thing w/carmelized onion and ham -OMG! yummo! Usually have w/salad 'cuz it's SO fattening. Used to eat the chicken taquitos and poured T.J.'s pineapple salsa all over it. and, sometimes I buy the already cooked frozen rice in a box-jasmine. Great to have w/anything even as a breakfast w/a little butter,cinnamon, sugar, cream all heated up. Oh, I could go on forever. One year noone seemed to know what to get me for the holidays. I ended up with 85$ in gift certs! That's how much I love this place and everyone I know...knows me! :)KQ

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                    i like the orange chicken too. steam some rice, steam some broccoli, and toss with the baked chicken -->tasty meal for a lazy girl!