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Mar 26, 2007 02:04 PM

Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza in Staten Island

A story in the Daily News today says that Goodfella's pizza won best pizza in the 23rd international pizza expo in Las Vegas. The winning pie was the "Smokin' Goodfella", an 18" pie topped with fresh mozzarella, roasted pepper cream sauce and fennel specked Italian sausage. Has anyone tried this? Any other comments on this pizzeria? - worth visiting?? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I was hoping others would reply already, but I went last year and thought the pizza at Goodfellas was really good. They do some specialty pizzas like the one you mention, and pies with chicken and such, but their plain pies are very good. I hit another place on the same day (I'm blanking on the name... two names I think), and both were way above the NY average. We couldn't fit Denino's on that trip. There seems to be an abundance of good pizza on Staten Island that doesn't get much mention around here.

    1. Not really a pizza but a fun spin on it is there dessert apple pie pizza. Real good. Staten Island is underrated on these boards when it comes to pizza. I'd go as far as saying there's better pizza in S.I. than in Manhattan. All the real Italians left little Italy and the city for the burbs. Now good pizza pops up all over S.I. and is trickling into NJ, but I digress.

      Goodfellas is worth a try. I would say it's more a gourmet style pie and less traditional. I like there white pie with prosciutto. I have not been there in 2 years but ate there regularly when I lived there.

      Other must try pizza, Benvinutti's Grandma's Pie, Joe and Pat's, the white clam pie at the Road House though this may have gone down hill according to some.

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          Yes, it is a real brick oven. And, their Vodka Pie is also fantastic!

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          Waiting in line to pick up my order at Ciro's on Huguenot Ave, someone else's white clam pie passed under my nose. OMG, I have to try that real soon!