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Mar 26, 2007 01:56 PM

Cake House on Sawtelle

I noticed the space used to be Ginzaya is now Cake House while waiting in line for Pinkberry last night. Unfortunately the store was already closed and all the shelves were emptied so I'm not sure what kind of goods it carries.

Is this same Cake House as in the Galleria? Has anyone been there? How is the selection?

Cake House in Galleria is one of my favorite bakeries in SoCal and I specially like their wide vairety of asian-style bread. I'm hoping its Sawtelle location carries enouh stuff so I can have good bread more often.

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  1. It is the same, but the selection is limited.

    1. As PseudoNerd mentions, it's somewhat limited... It's pretty small, and I don't know how much baking actually goes on here, but the offerings are nice. Bread? I don't know what kind of bread you are looking for in particular, but if you're looking for the Asian types of bread, you have Nijiya across the street...

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      1. re: bulavinaka

        Actually, none of the baking is done on the premises-- the items are all brought in from the main Cake House location at the Ktown Galleria.

        The last time I went there, there were a couple of Chinese kids working there. The thought that they probably don't know Korean rather amused me. (Yes, I realize that I could be completely wrong and that they might understand Korean. I know a couple of ALC kids at UCLA who bother taking the language, but still...)

        1. re: PseudoNerd

          That was my suspicion about the off-site bakery... I'm okay with that but I just wish they had more to offer...

          With so many Japanese restaurants now being owned by Koreans, it doesn't surprise me that this is the case... as odd of a matchup as it may seem, it seems to be an interesting fit - Chinese kids offering Korean desserts and pastries in a Japanese-intensive area...

      2. We walk by this place in the Galleria all the time and almost never buy anything; now that there's a branch even closer to home we'll just have to sample some things. So, what are some of their best things to try out?

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        1. re: PayOrPlay

          It's been while since going there, but I enjoyed their macarons...

        2. I walked in a few weeks ago and tried a few of their cakes and latte. Latte was not great; cakes weren't either. The sponge was dry and the cream didn't taste fresh (almost like you can taste the butter in the cream).

          I drive down once a week to Torrance and pick up my desserts at Patisserie Chantilly.

          (they only sell cakes and cookies, no breads or other pastries)

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          1. re: gomagoma

            Aside from the macarons, the offerings at this place are pretty average. However, when you mention Chantilly, you're talking about a whole different animal. As you mention, no breads or things resembling standard pastries here - their choux is the only thing resembling pastry at first glance. No one goes here to get things that would be considered essential. This place is all about rewarding yourself or those that are lucky enough to be thought of as worthy by you.