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Mar 26, 2007 01:53 PM

Sushi or Thai near South Station????

I work at at south station on summer street across from the fed.

I have been looking for a sushi or thai restaurant for lunch and have been quite unsucessful in finding a quality place to go....

Can anybody suggest a place to get either that is not too far of a walk???

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  1. There's Ginza in Chinatown, less than 10 minutes walk near the Chinatown Gate.

    A new place opened on East Street, (I've seen it mentioned on the forums here but forget it's name), I haven't tried it yet, will do on Friday. It's one minute walk from South Station. I think the entrance in on the alley. Map here:

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      The place on East St. is O Ya but I don't think it's open for lunch. There is also Sakura Bana (it might be on Broad St.) which has good sushi.

    2. Also a 10-minute walk, this time into the Financial District, are Sakurabana for sushi and Rock Sugar for Thai.

      Sakurabana is quite good. They serve a delicious and beautiful chirashi sushi, possibly my favorite in town.

      Rock Sugar is serviceable, but not as good as its Back Bay sister restaurant, Chili Duck. Good to get your fix at lunch, though.

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