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Mar 26, 2007 01:43 PM

Hungry Bostonians visiting D.C. - need suggestions!!

Hello all, eight Bostonians (Italians from the North End) (late twenties - mid thirties) are visiting D.C. this weekend. I need some suggestions for some hip lunch places and great dinner spots.

Lunch: somewhere with great food, incliding a mix of great salads, unique sandwhiches, classic comfort food choices. I heard about Bread Line and Two Amy's, any others?

Dinner - A good steak house, or anything you reccomend.

I hear that Jaleo, Kincaids and Georgia Brown's Chef Geoff's are great! what do you think about these places.

I also need a great bar in Georgetown to watch the game!!

Also a brunch place on Sunday!

If you have been to Boston we like: Stephanie's or Parish Cafe for lunch..Artu, Marco, Davio's & Taranta for Italian dinner Hamersley's bistro in teh South End ...I also love Gramercy Tavern in NewYork.

We also need suggestion for some great bars and and clubs (not country) for friday & Staurday night.

Thanks you

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  1. Bars and clubs... my suggestions would be to go down to either Adams Morgan (18th St), Georgetown, or U Street Areas, particularly Adams Morgan, which are full of bars, and just pick one that looks good!
    I will let others get started with the food...

    1. Didn't you already post once before?

      Lunch: Colorado Kitchen. A bit off the beaten path but really good comfort food.

      Steak: Charlie Palmer's on Capitol Hill. But if you can get in at Ray's the Steaks in Arlington or Ray's The Classics in Silver Spring, go there.

      Jaleo/Kinkead's: Both worth going, with a slight nod to Jaleo because Kinkead's is seafood and you have plenty of that. Georgia Brown's is okay (Vidalia is *way* better at that kind of southern food) and Chef Geoff's is nothing special.

      Bar in Georgetown: There's a sports bar called the 51st State that should fit the bill.

      Brunch place: Tabard Inn.

      1. Personally, I consider Kinkeads and Georgia Brown to be my "sure thing" places to eat if I want to have a great meal. I really love Butterfield 9, the food is exquisite. You should consider Ten Phen, a great Asian fusion restaurant. For Brunch consider Georgia Brown. For less than $30 per person you get a full southern breakfast and desert, plus a separate lunch order, which most people take to-go. I make pilgrimage there every couple of months just for their French toast.
        For good bars try Cafe Saint-Ex on 14th Street, club MCCXXIII (read 1223) on Connecticut Avenue, Gin on 14th Street, and LeftBank on 18th Street. They are all good bar/clubs with a broad mix of people and definitely not country.

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          Lunch-wise, I second BreadLine (it's a mad house, but in this nice weather, grab your lunches and sit by the White House) and Two Amy's (when you are visiting the Cathedral, cause it's out of the way). Also, the new (and just highly rated) Central by Michel Richard (11th and Penn) is good for lunch -- put your bucks on the tuna burger rather than the lobster burger. Also lots of comfort food, with french sensibilities. Pricey, but not compared to Richard's Citronelle.