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Mar 26, 2007 01:35 PM

Where can I find beef wellington and tournedos of beef in Vegas?

We used to go to the Derby (Brown Derby?) at the MGM but it closed. We really liked the ambiance and the menu there--sort of old school type dishes like beef wellington and tournedos of beef. Any restaurants like that in Vegas?

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  1. I would try Hugo's Cellar in the Four Queens downtown. I don't know about the beef wellington ( they might have it ) but they certainly have the tournedos that you are looking for:

    More than likely the only place you will find dishes like those anymore are in Las Vegas WAY old school restaurants. The Golden Steer didn't even have it and it's been around for over 45 years.

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      The idea of the "Old School" places is absolutely correct, and we do not have all that many of them anymore, since few Hotel's run their own restaurants these days. Hugo's Cellar is a good option, and if you would like to try a place with easier access than going downtown the Pamplemousse on East Sahara (31 years) is just a block and a half off of the strip.

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        Hugo's Cellar is a good thought. Also consider the Great Moments Room down the street at the (Las) Vegas Club.

        I had an unfortunate but rather amusing experience ordering beef Wellington at the now-defunct Burgundy Room in the Lady Luck several years back (report here: ).

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          Thanks for the replies. Nice report Bill on Capitol Hill! Guess we know why the Burgandy Room is defunct now! We are leaning towards the Golden Steer even though it doesn't have Beef Wellington.

          1. re: Beetlekat

            The Golden Steer is a fun place. Very old school. They do tableside caeser and the escargot are pretty good as well. You should have a good time there.

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          Pretty sure Hugo's has Wellington. Fleming's Steakhouse (Summerlin) would also have it. It's a chain, but a pretty good one. Smith and Wollensky (also a chain, but also a good one) had this dish at one time. You might call and see if they still do. They have a nice location on the strip.

          1. re: JoeyH

            That's true. I forgot about Flemings. They call it Beef Flemington. Heh.