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Mar 26, 2007 01:14 PM

Rashnaa was great

Had a really good dinner at Rashnaa last night. Went there with a bunch of friends for dinner before a show at the Phoenix and we really enjoyed our meal. I wish I could remember everything we ate but we each just ordered one dish so it got kind of confusing at the end. Here's what I do remember: Devil Chicken and Devil Beef (couldn't decide, so ordered both). I liked the chicken better. Nice and spicy but could have been served a little hotter (temperaturewise, not spicewise). The Butter Chicken was delicious. The String Hopper (mutton) was excellent and I will admit I ordered it because I like the name. The masala dosa (big crepey thing with potato inside) was fantastic. We also had a squid curry which I didn't eat, and a briyani (veg) which was good (not fabulous). We also ordered the combo appetizer plate - but next time I think I'll just order the one thing on it that was like a deep-fried crab cake. The rest of the items were underwhelming.

At the end of it all - with multi beers and even a half litre of wine, the bill came to $165 for 7 of us (not including tip). And we were stuffed. You can't beat that. Thank you Chowhound for the recommendation. I'll be back.

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  1. So glad that you liked it! It's one of my favourite well-priced restaurants in Toronto, and their area of delivery is ridiculously huge, which makes it all the harder for me to resist when I don't feel like cooking or going out!

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      How long does their delivery take? I'm thinking of ordering tomorrow but I remember that they had slow service in the restaurant. I'm near Pape/Danforth.

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        It probably depends on what time you order. I don't think it's ever taken more than about an hour for me, and I live quite far away too (Greenwood / Gerrard area). Don't be alarmed if they ask for your phone number and if they can call you back; this has happened every time I've tried to get delivery and I think it may be the mechanism they use to ensure that they're not being duped into a fake delivery (either that or I just end up calling when they're really busy).