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Mar 26, 2007 01:03 PM

South African Hors D'oeuvres?

Looking for some ideas for a South African Themed Party.

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  1. Here's a link to the menu at our local South African restaurant: http://www.shebeenpub.com/. Might give you some ideas.

    1. http://www.pinotage.co.za/html/boboti...

      i've had this recipe. it's a nice custardy texture with a mild curry/turmeric flavor. nice side dish with more heavily flavored meats maybe. i don't remember the pinotage she served it with, but it also had a softer texture in the mouth.

      1. I did a SA themed dinner party last year - big hit... This is what I served:
        biltong (dried meat)
        various dried fruits
        various fruits chutneys (onion sambal, chile jam, mixed fruit)
        Geelrys - yellow rice w/ raisins
        steamed corn bread
        bitter greens salad
        soetkoekies (walnut cookies)
        brandy soaked fruit - apricots, bananas, etc

        There are lots of great references on the web. Have fun!