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Mar 26, 2007 12:52 PM

The Barrel Room - Good, Bad, Ugly? (Rancho Bernardo)

Wine loving former roomate is making an appearance in town after a recent move to Oregon. I heard about the Barrle Room from a few friends. I just wanted to get an opinion from other people who have tried the wine list and food there. The reviews that I found online (okay, the one review i found online) was positive, but i'd love to hear more and recommendations about what to order there.

If not, any alternatives around the area?

Yesterday we ate at Cavaillon, which was superb. the night before we cooked and ate at home with a delish bottle of oregon pinot. we would like something in a similar price range to the barrel room, but we'll pay to eat well. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know your price point, but if $ are not an issue, you will not go wrong at El Bizcocho at the Ranch Bernardo Inn. Great food, great wine.

    1. El Bizcocho and Bernard O's are good choices.

      I found The Barrel Room to be offensively loud (volume, not decor). Couldn't have a conversation below shouting level. Service was pathetic, waited 20 min. before someone in our party went looking for a server. I'll not be back.