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Mar 26, 2007 12:02 PM

venue for party of about 30 in toronto

hi, a few of my friends and i are planning to have a grad party in June with about 30 to 40 guests, we're looking at getting a private room at a restaurant downtown which can accomodate such a large group...any suggestions? also does anyone have an idea of pricing and how payment works (i.e. if people are showing up and paying for their own meals, is the entire deposit returned?) i've seen some places that ask for a deposit of $1000 or so, but does this mean that the total bill has to come up to $1000?

any suggestions of places with a nice ambience for a fairly casual event, in a reasonable price range would be appreciated!

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  1. What is "reasonable price range", for food and alcohol? Are you looking for a sit down dinner or more like cocktail party? Any type of cuisine preferred or avoid? Any special dietary restrictions? That would narrow down your choices greatly.

    1. Globe Bistro on Danforth Ave has a private room which can seat 50.
      I don't know how payment works but I assume you pay a deposit and they credit that to your total bill.
      I'd think that a restaurant would ask for a deposit that would be a fraction of what they expect you would spend in total.

      1. check out rosewater supperclub

        1. The original comment has been removed