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Mar 26, 2007 11:57 AM

10 Center Street Newburyport - anyone been?

Friends told me that had a fantastic meal at a place called 10 Center St in Newburyport. I've never heard of it and did a search but did not see any posts in either the Boston or the NE boards. Is this a new place?

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  1. It is a nice place... it's been there for a while.
    Recently redone. We have friends who we visit that live up in NBPT. They suggested we go there when up a month ago.
    Sat upstairs in the new bar area. Very nice... good, fresh food, decent wine list. Service was upbeat and personable. Downstairs has gas fireplaces.. nice on a cold, snowy night.
    One drawback: some non-parentally unattended pointy-headed kid kept buzzing us when we were eating. He was rolling on the stairs and staring and singing. Pretty annoying until I told him to relocate his body.
    Seems to be happening more and more these days....

    1. I was at 10 Center Street recently and thought they made some nice improvements all around. I'm glad to see this place making a comeback. I really like the downstairs room there and I liked what they did upstairs. Dinners being served looked good but we only ordered appetizers and drinks which were excellent.

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        Something going on there, I know they have a new chef and you can tell. They have some good stuff there now- I noticed scottish salmon on the menu- I don't think any of the other restaurants in Newburyport even know what that is. The Bang's Island Mussels are ridiculously good...I'm not sure what he does to them. I'm a tough critic but that place is a hidden gem.

        1. Haven't been to 10 Center for a bit, but food was always decent. Service in the downstairs bar is sketchy. If you are not a local, do not expect prompt service. Being in a tourist location, locals take precedence in the bar. Don't complain about the service, you'll never see another drink.

          1. I went a few days ago with a bunch of friends; my overall impression was that food and service didn't merit the prices.

            We ate upstairs, and it *is* a really nice space: old beams, original bricks, copper tabletops, good lighting -- very welcoming and attractive. There was clearly some issue with kitchen timing - they got bread and apps out quickly (good caesar salad, decent cheese plate) but then we waited and waited for entrees -- probably about 40 minutes. Our server was pleasant but even apart from the wait there were various minor issues -- wrong salad delivered, although fixed quickly; more bread promised but took ages to come; full order of pasta delivered instead of the half that was ordered. None of these were a big deal, but it did seem like there was some disorganization, more likely at the kitchen end.

            The food was fine, but out of whack with the prices. I had the burger and while it was good meat, cooked as ordered, I'd like a $15 burger to blow my socks off. Steak fries alongside were nothing special. Some friends had the lobster mac and cheese -- I tasted the pasta which was fine -- orecchiette in a creamy fontina sauce -- but I didn't dare steal any of their lobster as the portion was so stingy - a half order had about one small claw and a few bites of tail meat. People who had the rigatoni al forno liked it -- prepared with a meat sauce and baked with cheese -- but I didn't have a chance to taste it. We didn't get coffee or dessert.

            Overall, the food was solid but not special; if prices were a third lower I would overlook the service/timing issues and the good-not-great food, but they seem to be aiming for a fine dining experience, and they didn't quite hit that target.

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              I haven't eaten there in a while, but I do recall that eating in the downstairs bar area was a much better value than the upstairs dining room.