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Mar 26, 2007 11:55 AM

Organic boxed cereal?

My teeth temporarily turned pink the last time I had a boxed cereal craving (strawberry something) so it has been a few years.

The craving struck and while being lured by Reese's puffs and repulsed by the ingrediant list, I got the bright idea of wandering over to the organic boxed cereals.

So any recs there? Anyone tried Peace passion mango flakes or Envirokidz peanut butter panda puffs?

Or does organic boxed cereal TASTE organic in the bad sense ... virtuous, healthy but like chewing cardboard flakes ... I mean the roughage might be good for you but ...

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  1. OK I love the organic puffin peanut butter cereal, but I am going to say this and probably get a lot of flack for it- I don't believe there's such thing as truly organic cereal- there's just too much cross pollenation among gmo vs non gmo wheat to say that it's fully organicly sourced. The only nicer part about the organic stuff is they tend to not put as much other random artificial junk in it, but I don't think of it as truly organic

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      I was eating the cinnamon puffin cereal for a while, but now I'm an oatmeal girl.

      1. re: jpschust

        I like Puffins flavor but they're so crunchy that the noise hurts my ears to chew.

        1. re: chowser

          A perfect description! I swear, they must be mixed with I don't even know what--wood? glue? That being said, I really like the taste, despite the surreal, never-ever-get-soggy texture.

          I went through our cabinets recently and was shocked by how ubiquitous HFCS was in our breakfast cereals. And we don't buy the stuff that turns your mouth crazy colors.

          NOT a fan of Kashi go lean crunch. Tastes like sweetened styrofoam to me.

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          I also love Puffin's peanut butter. We like it so much, we can't bring ourselves to try another flavor.

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            Yeah, I'm just going for ingrediants that I don't need a chemistry degree to understand and no HFCS. How organic it really is, isn't important to me.

          2. Envirokids are good--not that cardboard box taste. Even the chocolate rice krispies taste good (passed muster w/ my nieces and nephew who never eat anything whole grain, organic or healthy). If you want a berry flavor w/out pink teeth, they have a berry one; I think it's Cheetah Chomps. Trader Joe's brands of cereal, like their vanilla almond clusters are good, too, kind of like Honey Bunches of Oats. I like Kashi cereals, too.

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              Yes, the strawberry cheetah chomps (is that it?) are really good. Hard ot belive the flavor is natural. I add sugar though. Isn't that atrocious?

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                I concur on Envirokids, esp the PB flavor. I find the TJ's clusters aren't sweet enough for my tongue, or at least sweet enough to absolve the cardboardy, tree taste, and I had to add some splenda... I prefer the Hi-Lo cereal from TJ's, but don't know if that brand is organic or not.

              2. I like Kashi GoLean Crunch. Add dried cranberries for a sweeter taste.

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                  Kashi GoLean Crunch is great~ I even eat it as a treat. For me it is like candy and I almost feel guilty eating it for breakfast. Organic Pumpkin Granola with flax(it is eaither Nature Valley or Omega) is a craving of mine- it is sold in bulk at Costco, Trader Joe's, and Top Foods(Hageen). Another option is- Optima with Blueberries/Flax cereal- it has a variety of textures and ingredients- it also comes in a Banana/GreenTea/etc. flavor. Puffins will always be my fall back- I agree it is crunchy by oo-so-good. Try a variety and you will eventually find a favorite too*

                2. Hi rw,
                  I wish you'd check out Cafe' Fanny granola. Personally, I don't usually buy any cereal other than oatmeal, although I got a strange craving for Cream of Wheat lately, but that's another story. In any case, I would have bought some of this Cafe' Fanny granola because if Alice Waters is mass marketing a cold breakfast cereal it's probably worth trying. The reason I didn't try it was that it was more expensive than any cereal I've ever seen in my life! But there may have been some extenuating circumstances that might mean Cafe' Fanny granola would actually fit into my budget. But I haven't seen it in SF...not that I've been out searching for it. What happened was we were on our most recent trip down to Monterey and stopped for a snack at a smallish groceteria/superette type place that was the only food store in some tiny burg like Davenport. I only mention that because the isolation and monopoly status may have been part of the reason for the flabbergasting price of this precious cereal. I swear it was something like $15 for a very modest sized box! Anyway, more than I was willing to splurge for chowhounding research purposes, anyway. But, thanks for reminding me about it, I'd completely forgotten. Now, I can't wait to hear how it tastes from somebody who's tried it, and how much it actually costs under normal circumstances.

                  1. Nature's Path granola and the cranberry ginger flakes are both very good.