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Mar 26, 2007 11:49 AM

1st time in Vegas, tell me what you think...

We're going to Vegas this weekend for the first time and I'm not sold on our meals yet. We're definitely going to Alize one night, so anybody who's been there recently and can offer opinions and suggestions would be appreciated. We're also considering Bouchon for breakfast at least one day, burger bar for lunch or dinner, Maggiano's, and probably at least one of the buffets (Bellagio???). Anyone with comments and suggestions from recent experiences at ANY of these would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, if you feel there's anyplace on or around the strip that we shouldn't miss, please fill me in. Thank you so much.

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  1. I guess if you HAVE to go to a buffet, go to the Bellagio, but really, after paying $30+, it's still a buffet with too much filler and mediocre service.

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      after trying both the bellagio and wynn buffets...i'm a fan of buffets again...i'm a little confused by the mediocre service comment...what does that mean ? the servers were slow in refilling your ice water / soda ? not removing the plates quick enough ? i thought the service at both buffets was fine....and filler ?? i'm really confused at that ? i was very impressed with the meat selections at both and king crab legs ?!?!? cme on ...for $30 ??!! geez...burger bar cost me that much for a burger/fries/shake ( was close to $30 ! ) how many places on the strip ( besides the coffee shops ) can you eat a nice meal for $30 or under ? damn...i'm hitting the buffet this week !!

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        yes, service was slow filling drinks and clearing plates. filler...meaning, i know the beef they claimed was "kobe" was no such thing. there sure were a lot of crab legs, but you sure needed to eat a couple dozen to get a decent sized portion.

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          Here's what I do NOT get about the buffets in Vegas...I don't NEED some server to fill my drinks! I fill everything else myself, seems like they have servers do the drinks to try to get them more money. Then I have to wait, and wait, and wait, and have to sip my drink cause who knows when I'll get more!

      2. First the negative - Maggiano's? Why oh why? A mediocre (at best) chain, nothing unique whatsoever, skip it.

        Bouchon is great for either breakfast or dinner. We love Burger Bar for lunch, not a dinner place IMO. Two other lunch favorites are Mesa Grill in Caesar's and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at the Fashion Show Mall (across the street from the Wynn). Folks on this board love Lotus of Siam for apparently the best (Northern?) Thai food in the country - (although I guess some New Yorkers don't agree) but my husband won't eat Thai food so notwithstanding some serious arm twisting on my part, I've yet to partake. Maybe I need to resort to bribery!

        For dinners, our favorites in no particular order are N9NE (steakhouse at the Palms), Bouchon which you already know about, Rosemary's (American, way off the strip in Summerlin, definitely worth a visit), Fleur de Lys (lovely Cal-French at Mandalay Bay), FIX (fun, loud place at Bellagio). We have also recently enjoyed Craftsteak (steakhouse at MGM), Nobhill (SF food by Michael Mina at MGM). We semi-enjoyed Stripsteak (steakhouse at Mandalay Bay), had some issues, but are giving it another shot during our next trip in April.

        Haven't yet been to Alize but have been considering it for awhile.

        We've been to breakfast buffets at Bellagio and Wynn within the last couple years, I think I prefer Bellagio of those two but only slightly, both are fine. Have also enjoyed the Paris buffet for Sunday brunch, but that was longer ago. Don't do buffets too often, and never for dinner.

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          I couldn't agree more. Maggiano's is certainly not worth taking time out and making it a point to visit. Think Macaroni Grill with bigger portions and you have Maggiano's. For good Italian try Rao's at Caeser's Palace, Onda at Mirage, or even the pasta at Bartalotta di Mare at Wynn.

          Bouchon is definitely a breakfast favorite on these boards and it holds true to form. Try the corned beef hash or the boudin blanc.

          Alize is a good choice for fine French cuisine. You should enjoy that.

          Burger Bar is also a good choice for lunch - I always have the angus burger, MR, on a wheat bun with peppered bacon, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese with a side of sweet potato fries.

          As Debbie stated, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is fantastic for lunch.

        2. The Sunday buffet at Bally's is supposed to be fantastic -- it's pricy, but I hear they serve lobster, cavier and unlimited champagne.

          I'd skip Maggiano's. If you want Italian I'd recommend Onda in the Mirage. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and we went to Bartolotta di Mare in the Wynn and it was SO good; definitely one of my top dining experiences. If you can get a reservation there, ask for a table outside on the patio. Another one of my favorites is Rosemary's --- but this is off the strip and a good 20 minute cab ride.

          1. Skip Maggiano's and go to Bobby Flay's "Mesa Grill" at Caesars Palace

            1. Never been to Alize or Bouchon. I love buffets and Wynn is the best, Bellagio also good. Tell the server to bring you two drinks if your that thirsty. Don't go to Maggiano's; where do you live? isn't there one near you; forgettable, except for the heartburn from overeating and redsauce. you must go to L'Atelier De Joel Roubechon. If you are a foodie and interested in trying the best and not scared of Foie Gras, go. They have their own bakery; seperate from the hotel that bakes for every other restaurant. Best bread outside Europe I've ever had. I had nine course tasting for 135 and it was well worth it. Sitting at the bar and watching the meal be prepared is their theme and was entertaining. L'Atelier means the workshop. GO!!!

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              1. re: chefcook81

                Wow. I've seen props go to L'Atelier before, but not quite like this. I'm glad there are people around who really like the place but for me it falls way short. I think the food could be WAY better ( read: flavorful ) and the prices are way out of line for what you receive. This is just one man's opinion but I felt compelled to comment on the post.