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Mar 26, 2007 11:43 AM

Egg Salad

Pregnant and addicted to egg salad. I'd love your best recipe!

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  1. I've been eating too much egg salad lately. I tend to keep it pretty simple (at least I think it's simple) and don't have amounts, but here is my basic, probably commonplace approach:

    Smash the eggs a bit with a fork, but don't overdo it. I like some chunks of egg in there. Stir in just short of enough mayo to hold eggs together--I don't like it gloppy. Then add just a small dab of dijon mustard, a little scallions, and some fresh parsley. A bit of salt and pepper.

    I tend to make just a little at a time, when I want it, because I like it warm. For me the absolute key is going easy on the mayo, though I reckon some folks would think my egg salad is a bit dry.

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      Like you, I prefer bits of noticeable egg in my egg salad, so I use an egg slicer and put the egg through the slicer twice - once vertical, once horizontal. Gentle stirring with a spoon or fork to blend in the mayo (and not a lot - just enough to moisten), salt, pepper, maybe some minced roasted red pepper for color, and I often use Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle or Spike for a different taste.

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        Grandmother was very British. You could set your watch by her tea times -- 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. -- and it always had to be Red Rose Tea. I always loved her *British* egg salad sandwiches......eggs, mayo, salt, pepper and a can of chopped black olives. Don't knock it until you've tried it. They are delicious!!

    2. I like to grate my egg rather than slice it to make it smoother. A zyliss cheese grater works well. Then add green onion, 1 part dijon mustard to 2 parts mayo (adjust amount based on your creaminess preference). Season with s&p, paprika, and a touch of dill.

      I like it on toasted sourdough with a piece of green leaf lettuce.

      1. I haven't ever put in mustard but that sounds nice. I usually add celery though, it gives a really nice crunch. And lots of salt and pepper.


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          I love pickled jalapeno slices in mine just to add a little tang instead of vinegar.

        2. i like mine pretty basic, egg, s&p, mayo, mustard and a little juice from a jar of hot&sweet pickles .. can also add a little diced pickle too

          1. I used to make mine real simple, mayo, a little mustard, chopped celery, onion, & sweet pickle relish (I still do this sometimes). But then I saw Justin Wilson's Cajun version of egg salad and I use it sometimes. He uses all the above ingridients, but he adds to the chopped up egg, crushed saltine crackers before any of the other ingridients. He then makes a dressing with the mayo, mustard, and adds hot sauce to taste and about a tablespoon of Worsteshire (spelling?) Sauce. The crackers soaked up a lot of the liquid so it wasn't as wet as you might expect. Not saying it's a better recipe than others, just different and pretty good.