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Egg Salad

Pregnant and addicted to egg salad. I'd love your best recipe!

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  1. I've been eating too much egg salad lately. I tend to keep it pretty simple (at least I think it's simple) and don't have amounts, but here is my basic, probably commonplace approach:

    Smash the eggs a bit with a fork, but don't overdo it. I like some chunks of egg in there. Stir in just short of enough mayo to hold eggs together--I don't like it gloppy. Then add just a small dab of dijon mustard, a little scallions, and some fresh parsley. A bit of salt and pepper.

    I tend to make just a little at a time, when I want it, because I like it warm. For me the absolute key is going easy on the mayo, though I reckon some folks would think my egg salad is a bit dry.

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      Like you, I prefer bits of noticeable egg in my egg salad, so I use an egg slicer and put the egg through the slicer twice - once vertical, once horizontal. Gentle stirring with a spoon or fork to blend in the mayo (and not a lot - just enough to moisten), salt, pepper, maybe some minced roasted red pepper for color, and I often use Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle or Spike for a different taste.

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        Grandmother was very British. You could set your watch by her tea times -- 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. -- and it always had to be Red Rose Tea. I always loved her *British* egg salad sandwiches......eggs, mayo, salt, pepper and a can of chopped black olives. Don't knock it until you've tried it. They are delicious!!

    2. I like to grate my egg rather than slice it to make it smoother. A zyliss cheese grater works well. Then add green onion, 1 part dijon mustard to 2 parts mayo (adjust amount based on your creaminess preference). Season with s&p, paprika, and a touch of dill.

      I like it on toasted sourdough with a piece of green leaf lettuce.

      1. I haven't ever put in mustard but that sounds nice. I usually add celery though, it gives a really nice crunch. And lots of salt and pepper.


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          I love pickled jalapeno slices in mine just to add a little tang instead of vinegar.

        2. i like mine pretty basic, egg, s&p, mayo, mustard and a little juice from a jar of hot&sweet pickles .. can also add a little diced pickle too

          1. I used to make mine real simple, mayo, a little mustard, chopped celery, onion, & sweet pickle relish (I still do this sometimes). But then I saw Justin Wilson's Cajun version of egg salad and I use it sometimes. He uses all the above ingridients, but he adds to the chopped up egg, crushed saltine crackers before any of the other ingridients. He then makes a dressing with the mayo, mustard, and adds hot sauce to taste and about a tablespoon of Worsteshire (spelling?) Sauce. The crackers soaked up a lot of the liquid so it wasn't as wet as you might expect. Not saying it's a better recipe than others, just different and pretty good.

            1. The most basic is eggs, mayonnaise and salt and pepper. To this I sometimes add dill or cumin, a squeeze of lemon, a little bit of dijon mustard, or mustard powder. I like it warm, but don't like it crunchy, so no beggies in there for me.

              1. I eat it all the time, I love it, too. Mine is also relatively simple:

                12 hard-boiled eggs (you can halve the recipe)
                2 - 3 ribs celery, and leaves, chopped fine
                1/2 medium sweet onion, chopped fine
                At least 10 tarragon leaves, chopped
                Salt and pepper

                • I kind of freewheel it, in that I don't have specific measurements of anything, I just do it by taste. For ease, I usually just pulse the eggs in the food processor, but I agree with some of the other posts, it can be nice to have larger pieces of egg or slices included, if you want to take the time to finesse it. Homemade mayonnaise is also a wonderful addition. I sometimes use Herbs de Provence instead of Tarragon and that tastes great, too.

                1. I like a lot of fresh dill (plus the mayo/dijon/S&P mentionned by almost everyone!). Are you eating it on sandwiches? Sometimes I like my egg salad sandwiches with sweet pickles.

                  1. Chunky eggs, mashed lightly with a fork. Just a little mayo, a healthy squeeze of creole mustard (coarse-grained), lots of chopped dill relish or a couple teaspoons of chopped fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon, a gentle shake of Tony Chachere's creole seasoning, and a bunch of fresh chopped garlic chives. Open-faced sandwich on toast, or on ak-mak sesame crackers.

                    1. Interesting how pretty much everyone agrees on mayo, mustard, salt & pepper, cayenne or paprika! zatar and sumac powder are nice, too.
                      If you have a japanese grocery store nearby, Kewpie mayo is great (quite rich; there's even a "cheese mayo" which sounds suspicious, but makes good egg salad), as are japanese cucumber pickles. I'm not a big mayo fan, but kewpie is an exception :)
                      Other great kinds of pickles are caperberries, half sour dills, or indian carrot pickle. Some scallions add flavor too, or a dash or curry powder for something more complex.

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                        When I want to do it up, I fry bacon, then soften shallot in the fat for a few minutes. I add the chopped bacon and shallot to chopped egg (not too fine), mayo, dijon mustard, a little lemon, salt and pepper.

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                          I am going to say something which may make people want to yell at me.

                          I don't use mayo in my egg salad.

                          I find mayo creepy, and have instituted a lifetime ban on it. (Note: mayo is not the same as fresh aioli, to which the ban certainly doesn't apply.) I am not making any claims as to the merits of mayo - I'm perfectly prepared to accept that this is my own shortcoming. I just want to say that a mayo-free egg salad is certainly possible.

                          I make my egg salad with creme fraiche, or yogurt. Most often I add mustard, salt, pepper and paprika. (I'm surprised there hasn't been more mention of paprika.) It's tangier than egg salad made with mayo, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, instead of mustard, I'll add za'atar, salt and pepper. (Za'atar is also amazing with eggs.)

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                            Coarsely chopped eggs, Duke's mayo, salt, pepper, dill pickle relish, and a few drops of Frank's Red Hot sauce. Frank's will liven up almost anything.

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                              Absolutely no reason to explain yourself on mayo. You go ahead and enjoy what you enjoy. And, I think I'm going to try yogurt the next time. I use it in so many other things where once I might have used mayo or sour cream. Makes sense to try it with eggs. Thanks for the idea!

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                                I too am a fan of the mayo, mustard, S&P eggsalad served warm. Sometimes I like to change it around so I put the egg through a slicer and place the slices on whole grain bread with a generous slathering of mayo. sliced tomato, lettuce and S&P. Very simple and very satisfying.

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                                I second that, but I use salad dressing instead (Miracle Whip).

                            2. I like mine one of two ways but always with some recognizeable egg bits: (1) with mayo, dry mustard, celery, red pepper, sweet pickle relish and salt and pepper, or (2) mayo, dry mustard, celery, shallot, salt and pepper and fresh dill. It all depends on whether I want sweet or savory.

                              1. I made some last night. Chopped eggs, mayo, dry mustard, white pepper, celery salt and Paprika.

                                1. I press the yolks through a fine sieve and then whisk them with mayonnaise, a little plain yogurt or creme fraiche or sour cream, salt, pepper, and sometimes a little paprika and cayenne. Then I add chopped bread and butter pickles or sweet relish and scallions, or chopped capers and scallions. You can also go the herby route, without the paprika, just a bit of cayenne, and lots of snipped chives or chopped tarragon. One interesting variation I tried was adding finely chopped chiles in adobo, really yummy on steamed flour tortillas. I've also been known to add roasted red pepper, though you can't add much or it's overwhelming.

                                  1. I like to add chopped green olives to my egg salad. But I have to leave them out for my husband - he thinks it's gross. But try it - It adds a little tang.

                                    1. I too was addicted to egg salad when pregnant.
                                      My favorite ever was egg salad club sandwich.

                                      Separate whites from yolks.
                                      rough chop whites into large-ish chunks
                                      take yolks, mash with fork, whisk in mayo and small amount of dijon mustard
                                      season with salt and pepper
                                      fold dressing into whites
                                      layer on toast with lettuce and extra crisp bacon slices

                                      I think this is the only sandwich I ate for eight months (slight preemie). the rest of the time I drank Naked or Odwalla fruit smoothies.

                                      1. OH! I almost forgot the "Israeli panini" at my local sandwich haunt

                                        basic egg salad
                                        black olives
                                        on flatbread and pressed on a griddle.

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                                          I love deviled egg salad sandwhiches too. Eggs cut into chunks, mayo and enough yellow mustard that the salad is a bit yellow then add salt, and lots of pepper, a little white onion chopped fine, celery chopped fine and dill pickle chopped big. Layer, on light toast with lettuce, tomato and a little mayo, and about an 1 and half of the egg salad,

                                        2. I love deviled eggs, so when I make my egg salad I try to make them taste similar. I chop up the eggs, but I usually leave one egg off to the side to add at the end (so I can get some nice chunkiness). I add:
                                          Mayo (just enough to make everything hold)
                                          a little lemon juice
                                          a little champagne vinegar
                                          dijon mustard

                                          Depending on my mood I might throw in some green onions or sometimes some capers. Mmmm... now I'm hungry.

                                          1. I use a potato masher, Hellman's/Best Foods Mayo, S & P

                                            Ocassionally, I will add either a bit of dijon or even better...Chipotle Tabasco Sauce.
                                            (Then again, I put that on pretty much everything!)

                                            Love it on Veggie Rice Crackers.

                                            1. Egg Salad is a wonderful place to incorporate Tofu.

                                              Whether fork-mashed, or symmetrically cubed with an egg slicer, try using 50/50 tofu and eggs, The zippier dijon / hot sauce etc are sucked up by the tofu, and the tofu decreases the volume of mayo needed as a binder.

                                              Dill. Dill. Dill. Dried Dill will rehydrate well in egg salad.

                                              1. The ingredients are basic but my process is a little different.

                                                I cut the egg in half and place all the yolks in one bowl. Then I mix in the mayo (only Hellman's), salt and pepper. Mix real good.

                                                Then I take the whites and cut them in a diced format, little squares so they maintain their shape. The I fold them into the yolk mixture.

                                                By doing this in two stages it keeps the whites from getting all mushed up and gives me a nice consistency in the yolks, et. al.

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                                                  Eggs roughly chopped, a little butter chopped up, helman's mayo, creole mustard, and a little Jane's crazy salt....served warm