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Mar 26, 2007 11:22 AM

Tour de Ville on top of the Delta Centre-Ville

Was thinking of dining at the Tour de Ville. That is the rotating restaurant at the very top of the Delta Montreal. I did a search and came up with nothing recent, and even the older posts had no answers.
Any idea if this is a good place for dinner? And if so, how are the prices?
In other words, would I be better off just stopping there for a drink and the view, and going someplace else?
All opinions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have never been to that restaurant, but, in my experience, nothing good can come out of a rotating restaurant. It's always very touristy and too expensive for what it is.

    I suggest dropping by 737 (the bar on top of Place Ville Marie) for a drink, and then just go somewhere else for dinner.

    1. Haven't been there for dinner but, based on my brunch experience, I'd say Frenchie is right. Also, I don't recall there being a bar on the floor, so drinks only is probably not a possibility. FWIW, here's a write-up I did about Sunday brunch a few years ago. Since the view's the thing, if you go, do so on a clear day while it's still daylight.

      "The most successful outing was Sunday before last, when I took two kids to brunch (they also serve dinner) at Tour de Ville, the revolving restaurant atop the Delta Hotel on University Street. The glass-walled exterior elevator that zoomed past the hotel's swimming pool and broke through the roof, revealing more and more of downtown, elicited a "cool" from the hard-to-impress 12-year-old. It was an extremely clear day — we saw mountains in Vermont and New York, the St. Lawrence, Île Ste-Hélène, the Casino and the race track with VIP-filled helicopters flitting in and out, Old Montreal, the Mountain, much of downtown — and the constantly changing view provided many opportunities for conversation (like why does the neighbouring Tour de la Bourse bulge in the middle). The outside floor, where the tables are located, revolves while the inside floor, where most of the buffet stations are located, stays put, which proved a great source of amusement as we tried to figure out how to get from our table to a given station and back to our table. The buffet format worked well: the kids could see each dish and decide whether they wanted any of it and go back for seconds if they really liked it. And, of course, the dessert buffet was a huge hit. Toward the end, the nine-year-old, for whom every meal is a potential crisis situation, announced that she really liked this restaurant. For my part, I found the food thoroughly mediocre and the cadre borderline tacky. But this outing wasn't about me, and that view is some consolation."

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        Thanks for the responses. Actually Frenchie, I thought the same thing about revolving restaurants. But when I ate at the restaurant at the top of Space Needle in Seattle (which also rotates), the food was quite good, although expensive.

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          Our best view is free - from atop Mont-Royal, at the Kondiaronk Belvedere. (Kondiaronk was a Huron chief important in Montréal history) - except for the gas, bus ticket or foot/bicycle energy you expend getting there.

          I also taught an executive who had offices at the top floor of the Tour de la Bourse - he had a great view of the port.

          But everyone I know who has taken out-of-town guests to the Delta resto has found it very, very ordinary. You can get not only much better food but very charming views here, in the old city, along the Lachine canal, etc.

        2. NJMtlTourist,
          The good news is that you could go there for drinks at happy hour (starts at 5:30pm). You needn't stay to eat if you don't wish. That way you can enjoy the view and you're close to downtown and Old Montreal. Apparently they've just recently renovated, I've heard from co-workers that it's very nice.

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            More bubbles, that sounds lovely - it is still light now at 5:30 pm and you could see the sun go down. And indeed the Delta is very close to the Old City and downtown - an easy stroll or short taxi ride. You are also very convenient to many restaurants on Saint-Laurent, on Prince-Arthur etc, or in Chinatown.