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Mar 26, 2007 11:19 AM

Anyone been to Kaze for Japanese?

Looking for a good Japanese spot around my work for a lunch hour. Just spotted Kaze. It seemed nice and was pretty crowded.

Is it any good? Their menu looked pretty standard.

Anyone been??

It's at Woodbine&16th Ave, in Markham.

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  1. never been, although 95% of the Japanese spots in Markham/Richmond Hill are owned by Chinese or Koreans. Which generally doesn't bode well for quality.

    In the surrounding areas, I would recommend

    Miyabi - East Beaver Creek & hwy 7, same plaza as Golden Court, Wasabi, Big Mouth Kee, CIBC.

    Inaho - West Beaver Creek & Hwy 7, across the street from Parkway

    Hama - beside the north entrance of market village, right outside. Kennedy & Steeles.

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    1. re: aser

      Thanks for the suggestions aser. I will mos def check into these.

    2. I've been to Kaze and most definitely recommend it. It's really good!!

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      1. re: food_lover

        It was good when it first opened in 2005 but it had gone downhill significantly in my last few visits. The servers were rude as well.

        1. re: 325i

          Exactly what I thought 325i. Is there still a sign on the door saying they're looking for P/T help?
          I used to go a lot, but the service has been quite bad the last few times.

          1. re: looniePincher

            Yeah, and there food's a dime a dozen. Nothing great, certainly no different or better than a million other average Japanese spots in the GTA.